A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 74 

4A young man of the same town was bound by a paralysis that held his mouth shut and distorted his eyes. Since he was unable to move, he was brought by his mother to the church mentioned above. She prayed fervently for him, and, he recovered his original health before they reached their home.

5Pietro Mancanella lost the use of an arm and hand to paralysis and his mouth was twisted back to his ear. When he submitted to the advice of doctors, he lost both his sight and his hearing. Finally he dedicated himself to blessed Francis, and was completely freed from that illness.


1Someone from the town of Cisterna in Marittima was horribly burdened with a rupture of the genitals and no device could hold back his intestines. For the truss, which usually helps such cases, caused many new ones. His grief-stricken father and mother, when every remedy and cure had been tried without any success, took him to the church at Velletri built in his honor. Placing the sick boy before the saint's image and, making their vows along with a crowd of many others, offered many tears for him. When the gospel was read, at the passage what you have hidden from the learned you have revealed to the merest children, Mt 11:25 his truss suddenly snapped, and the useless remedies fell away. A scar quickly formed and the full health desired was restored. A great cry went up from those praising the Lord Lk 2:13 and venerating his saint.

2Giovanni from the diocese of Sora was afflicted by an intestinal hernia and could not be helped by any medicine. At the advice of a brother, his wife encouraged him to vow himself to blessed Francis, and to make the sign of the cross on his rupture. When he had devotedly done both, his intestines immediately returned to their proper place, and he was amazed at the suddenness of his unexpected healing.




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1295

38Iuvenis quidam in eodem castro cum paralysi esset detentus, ita quod oris ei clauserat ostium et oculos fecerat indirectos, ad iam dictam ecclesiam portatus, cum se movere non posset, matre pro ipso suppliciter exorante, priusquam veniret ad propria, redditus est pristinae sanitati.

39Petrus Greletanus, paralysis morbo perdita manu, os usque aurem retortum gerebat. Qui cum consiliis se exponeret medicorum, visum amisit pariter et auditum. Tandem beato Francisco se devovens ab omni morbo iam dicto exstitit liberatus.

De ruptis et caducis.

40Quidam de castro Cisternae in Maritima enormiter genitalium fractura gravatus, nullo artificio retinere poterat intestina. Nam lumbare, quod solet iuvare in talibus, novas et multiplices fracturas effecit. Dolore afflicti pater et mater, cum, tentatis omnibus medicorum curis, nihil proficerent, devoverunt eum beato Francisco portantes ipsum ad ecclesiam apud Venetum suo honore constructam. 41Exponentes infirmum coram imagine Sancti et vota voventes cum reliqua populi multitudine multas pro eo lacrymas obtulerunt. Cum igitur Evangelium diceretur et illud proferretur, quod abscondita sapientibus parvulis revelantur, subito lumbare rumpitur et remedia non proficientia dissolvuntur et confestim cicatrix obducitur et omnis optata sanitas recuperatur. Fit ibi clamor magnus laudantium Dominum et venerantium Sanctum eius.

42Iohannes Soranae dioecesis cum diruptione intestinorum ita laesus esset, ut nullis posset medicaminibus adiuvari, monente uxore ad verbum cuiusdam fratris, ut voveret se beato Francisco et crucis signo ruptionis locum signaret, cum utrumque devote fecisset, ad prima loca intestina illico redierunt, stupente ipso de subitatione insperatae salutis.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 74