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 A Collection of Sayings of the Companions of Blessed Francis - 113 

10. Jacques Cambell, "Une tentative de résoudre la Question franciscaine," Miscellanea Franciscana 69 (1969):187-206.

11. Cf. Brooke, Scripta, 43-50. In a comparison of Sabatier's Legenda Vetus with the manuscripts of Perugia, Upsala, St. Isidore's in Rome, and the Bodlean Library in Oxford, which she claims to be "the four earliest and best texts containing groups of stories," Brooke shows how all five collections had access to a common set of sources. In his examination of the document, Nimmo offers no attempt at dating the text beyond maintaining that it was part of that later thirteenth century packet of documents, the Sayings.

12. The General Minister to whom the text refers is Gerald Odonis who served from 1329-42.

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21. "Verba S. Francisci. Ista verba scripsit socius B. Francisci, videlicet Fr. Leo, qui fuit vir verae simplicitatis et sanctitatis, quae ipsius Regulae intentionem et sensum perfectae declarant et sincere et fideliter manifestant." Cf. Edith Pásztor, "Il manoscritto Isidoriano 1/73 e gli scritti leonini su S. Francesco," Cultura e società nell'Italia medievale. Studi per Paolo Brezzi. Studi Stoirici, 188-192. (Rome: 1988), 661-3.

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26. Cf. Brooke, Scripta, 61-3.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 113

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