A Mirror of the Perfection (The Lemmons Edition, 1901) - 228 

then his companion, said laughing under his breath: "Look, the alabaster jar of oil is now broken, now abundant graces will descend and be sprinkled about." And during the anointing Brother Bernard could not restrain himself, but cried abundant tears, he who was previously so withdrawn. Then he had the brothers gathered and threw himself to the ground on his knees and confessed his guilt for all his offenses, saying: "I have not been a lesser brother except in temptations; in these the Lord supported me."

And he begged the brothers to pray devoutly for him; "But especially this prayer: that when you have me in mind, you think of yourselves." On Friday a basket of cherries was brought, and he said to the brothers who were with him and to the brother doctor: "Give me some cherries, and permit me to eat them, for I shall eat no more. I also ask you to eat with me and do the Passover with me." While he ate he could not restrain his tears. The brothers, therefore, began to say: "This saint was truly not recognized!" The brothers wept and joyfully regarded him as one of the Lord's saints.

When he began to grow weaker, he wanted to have a priest brother with him at all times, until the hour of his death. Whenever any thought entered his mind for which his conscience reproached him, he immediately confessed it and then said his penance.

After his death, his flesh became white and soft and he seemed to be smiling, so that he appeared more handsome after death than before.a Whoever gazed on him experienced more delight in seeing him this way than when he was alive, because he looked like a saint who was smiling.


During the week in which blessed Francis died, Lady Clare was seriously ill. She was the first plant of the Order of Sisters, the abbess of the Poor Sisters of the monastery of San Damiano in Assisi, who emulated Saint Francis in observing always the poverty of the Son of God.b She feared that she would die before blessed Francis. She wept in bitterness of spirit and could not be comforted, because she would not be able before her death to see her only father after God, that is, blessed Francis, her comforter both internally and externally, and, in God's grace, her first founder granted her by that glorious Lord before her conversion and in her holy manner of living."




Speculum Perfectionis (minus), Fontes Franciscani, p. 1773-1775

qui erat tunc socius eius, dixit ridendo submissa voce: « Ecce, alabastrum unguenti iam fractum est; iam gratie copiose descendent et spargentur». 27Et in unctione media non potuit se frater Bernardus continere, sed habundanter lacrimatus est, qui antea existerat (!) multum occultus. 28Fecit demum advenire fratres et se proiecit in terram genibus provolutis dixit de omnibus offensis suam culpam, dicendo: « Non fu[i frat]er [minor] nisi in tentationibus; in ipsis adiuvit Dominus me ».

29Rogabat et fratres, ut devote orarent pro eo; « Sed magis hec oratio: ut me considerantes vos conside<ra>retis ». 30Feria .VI a. allatum fuit canistrum ceresorum, et dixit fratribus suis, qui erant secum, et fratri medico: « Date michi de ceresis et concedite, ut comedam ex eis, quoniam amplius non comedam. 31Rogo etiam, comedite mecum et facite mecum Pascha ». Et comedens non poterat se a lacrimis continere. 32Unde ceperunt dicere fratres: « Vere non fuit cognitus sanctus iste! ». 33Lacrimabantur fratres et pre gaudio intuebantur ipsum tanquam sanctum Domini.

34Ex quo autem cepit infirmari, voluit semper habere iuxta se fratrem sacerdotem usque in horam mortis . 35Et quando occurrebat illi aliquid in mente vel recordaretur de aliquo, unde reprehenderet eum conscientia, statim confitebatur ei et dicebat inde culpam suam.

36Post mortem factus [est] albus et mollis caro sua, et quasi ridere videbatur. 37Unde pulchrior post mortem, quam ante videbatur; 38et qui intuebantur ipsum, delectabantur ipsum magis respicere libenter, quam dum viveret, quoniam videbatur tamquam sanctus, qui rideret.


1In illa hebdomada, qua migravit beatus Franciscus, domina Clara, ordinis sororum prima plantula, abbatissa sororum pauperum monasterii Sancti Damiani de Assisio, emulatrix beati Francisci in conservanda semper paupertate Filii Dei, cum esset tunc valde infirma et timeret mori ante beatum Franciscum, plorabat amaro animo et consolari non poterat, 2quod ante obitum suum videre non poterat unicum patrem suum post Deum, videlicet beatum Franciscum, consolatorem utriusque hominis ac etiam primum fundatorem suum in gratia Dei ab ipso glorioso Domino sibi collata ante eius conversionem et in eius sancta conversatione.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 228