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 A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 276 

Immediately, with the greatest fervor and delight, he ran up to him on the road and, with great joy, kissed his shoulder on which he was carrying the bag with the alms. Taking the bag from his shoulder and putting it on his own shoulder, he carried it to the home of the brothers. He said to the brothers: "This is how I want a brother of mine to go for alms and to return happy and joyful praising God."


Another time, blessed Francis said: "The religion and life of the Lesser Brothers is a little flock, Lk 12:32 which the Son of God in this very last hour has asked of His heavenly Father, saying: 'Father, I want you tomake and give me a new and humble people in this very last hour,who would be unlike all others who preceded them by their humilityand poverty, and be content to have me alone.' And the Father said to His beloved Son: 'My Son, Your request has been fulfilled.' "

This is why blessed Francis would say: "Therefore, the Lord willed and revealed to him that they be called Lesser Brothers, because they are the poor and humble people whom the Son of God asked of the Father. They are the ones of whom the Son of God speaks in the Gospel: Do not be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom; Lk 12:32 and again: What you did for one of these, the least of my brothers, you did it for me. Mt 25:40 For, although the Lord may be understood to bespeaking of all the spiritually poor, he was nevertheless predicting the religion of the Lesser Brothers that was to come in His Church.

"Therefore, as it was revealed to blessed Francis that it was to becalled the Religion of the Lesser Brothers, he had it so written in thefirst rule, when he brought it before the Lord Pope Innocent III, who approved and granted it, and later announced it to all in a consistory.a Likewise, the Lord also revealed to him the greeting that the brothers should use, as he had written in his Testament: "The Lord revealed a greeting to me that we should say 'May the Lord give you peace.'" Nm 6:26

At the beginning of the religion, when he would go with a brother who was one of the first twelve brothers, that brother would greet men and women along the way as well as those in their field, saying: "May the Lord give you peace."




Speculum Perfectionis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1890-1892

qui statim cum maximo fervore et gaudio exivit ad eum, occurrens sibi in via; et cum magna laetitia osculans humerum ejus, ubi apportabat peram cum eleemosyna, accepit peram de humero ejus, et imposuit eam humero suo, 3et sic apportavit ipsam in domum fratrum, et coram fratribus dixit: « Sic volo quod frater meus vadat et revertatur cum eleemosyna laetus et gaudens et laudans Deum ».

Quod revelatum fuit sibi a Domino
ut vocarentur fratres Minores
et quod annuntiarent pacem et salutem.
Caput 26.

1Quadam vice dixit beatus Franciscus: « Religio et vita fratrum Minorum est quidam pusillus grex quem filius Dei in hac novissima hora postulavit patri suo caelesti, dicens: « 2Pater, vellem quod faceres et dares mihi unum novum et humilem populum in hac novissima hora, qui esset dissimilis in humilitate et paupertate ab omnibus aliis qui praecesserunt, et esset contentus habere me solum ».

3Et ait pater dilecto filio suo: « Fili mi, factum est quod postulasti ». 4Unde dicebat beatus Franciscus quod ideo Dominus voluit et revelavit ei ut vocarentur fratres Minores, quia iste est populus pauper et humilis quem filius Dei postulavit patri suo, 5de quo populo ipsemet filius Dei dicit in evangelio: Nolite timere, pusillus grex, quia complacuit patri vestro dare vobis regnum. Et iterum: Quod uni ex minoribus iis fratribus meis fecistis, mihi fecistis. Et licet de omnibus pauperibus spiritualibus Dominus hoc intellexerat, praecipue tamen praedixit religionem fratrum Minorum in Ecclesia sua esse venturam.

7Unde, sicut revelatum fuit beato Francisco ut deberet vocari religio fratrum Minorum, sic fecit scribi in prima regula quam portavit coram domino papa Innocentio III, qui eam approbavit et concessit, et postea in consistorio omnibus annuntiavit. 8Similiter et salutationem quam fratres debebant dicere, Dominus ei revelavit, sicut fecit scribi in testamento, dicens: « Dominus mihi revelavit ut deberem dicere, pro salutatione: Dominus det tibi pacem ».

9Unde, in principio religionis, dum iret cum quodam fratre qui fuit unus ex duodecim primis, ille frater salutabat viros et mulieres per viam et eos qui erant in agris, dicens: « Dominus det vobis pacem ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 276

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