A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 320 

rather to their own condemnation and judgment, and have really achieved nothing except as instruments to those through whom the Lord has effected this result. The Lord actually edified and converted those who they thought they had edified and converted to penance by their learning and preaching. And the Lord did it because of the prayers and tears of holy, poor, humble, and simple brothers, although they are ignorant of this. For this is the will of God, that they do not know this, lest it be an occasion of pride for them.

"These brothers of mine are knights of the round table,a who hide in deserted and remote places to devote themselves more fervently to prayer and meditation, to weep over their sins and the sins of others. While living simple and humble ways of life, their holiness is known to God alone, and frequently unknown to the brothers and to other people. When the souls of these men are presented to the Lord by the angels, the Lord will then reveal to them the fruit and reward of their labors, Wis 10:17 namely, the many souls saved through their examples, prayers, and tears. And He will say: 'My beloved sons, behold all and such souls have been saved by your prayers, tears and examples; because you were faithful in little things, I will set you over many.' Mt 25:21 Others have preached and labored with their words of wisdom and learning, and I have worked out the fruit of salvation by your merits. Receive, then, the reward of your labors and the fruit of your merits, which is the eternal kingdom that you have vehemently seized by humility, your prayers and tears.

"And carrying their sheaves with them, namely, the fruit and merit of holy humility and their simplicity, they will enter into the joy of the Lord, Mt 25:21 rejoicing and exulting.

"But those who did not care for anything except to know and to show the way of salvation to others, and have done nothing on their own behalf, will stand naked and empty-handed before the judgment seat of Christ, bearing only the sheaves of confusion, shame and sorrow.

"Then the truth of holy humility and simplicity, of holy prayer and poverty, which is our vocation, will be exalted, glorified, and proclaimed. Those inflated with the wind of learning 1 Cor 8:1 this truth betrayed by their lives and by the empty words of their wisdom, saying that truth is falsehood and, like blind people, cruelly persecuting




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