A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 331 

Blessed nickname,
more blessed name,
chosen with such a surname
as an omen of its fame.

An angelic power
habitually hymns do shower
here to dazzle the light,
here to dispel the night.

After laying in ruins was all,
Francis undid its downfall,
one plus a pair
that father repaired.

This the father chose
when in sack his members clothed;
here the body he opposed
and to his mind did dispose.

In this temple's confines
the wondrous life of the father shines;
thus was born the Lessers's Order
and here a crowd of men was quartered.

The bride of God, Clare,
here first shed her hair,
the world's pomp refused,
and her Christ pursued.

Thus a sacred mother
to ladies and to brothers
gives forth a brilliant birth
for whom she brings Christ on earth.

Here has been narrowly cast
an aging world's broad path
while virtue has been extended
in a people befriended.

A rule was kindled,
holy poverty enkindled,




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