A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 338 

humbly and be united in charity. He saw their conversion and holy manner of living were not only a glory for the religion of the brothers, but also the greatest edification for the entire Church of God.

He was always moved to piety and compassion for them, knowing that, from the beginning of their conversion, they had led a strict and poor life.

With these words, then, he begged them that, as the Lord had gathered them from many different parts into one for holy charity, holy poverty, and holy obedience, so in these they should live and die. And he admonished them particularly to provide for their bodies with discernment from the alms which the Lord would give them, with cheerfulness and thanksgiving. And he especially asked them to remain patient: the healthy, in the labors which they endure for their sick sisters; and the sick, in the illnesses and the needs they suffer.a




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