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 A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 350 

them said: "In his illness, blessed Francis wrote the Praises of the Lord for His creatures, for the praise of His Lord and for the edification of his neighbor. He asks you, then, to listen to them with great devotion." And so, they began to sing and to recite them. And immediately the podestà stood up and, folding his arms and hands with the greatest devotion, he listened to them intently, even with many tears, as if to the Gospel of the Lord. For he had a great faith and devotion toward blessed Francis.

When the Praises of the Lord were ended, the podestà said to everyone: "I tell you the truth, not only do I forgive the lord bishop, whom I want and must have as my lord, but I would even forgive one who killed my brother or my son." And speaking in this way, he cast himself at the feet of the bishop and told him: "Look, I am ready to make amends to you for everything, as it pleases you, for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and of his servant, blessed Francis."

Taking him by the hands, the bishop stood up and said to him: "Because of my office humility is expected of me, but because I am naturally prone to anger, you must forgive me." And so, with great kindness and love they embraced and kissed each other.

The brothers were dumbfounded and overjoyed, seeing that what blessed Francis had foretold about harmony between them had been fulfilled, to the letter. All the others who were present took this for a great miracle, crediting it to the merits of blessed Francis, that the Lord had so swiftly visited them, and that without recalling anything that had been said, they returned to such harmony from such dissension and scandal.

Therefore we who were with blessed Francis bear witness that always whenever he would predict "such and such a thing is or will be this way," it always happened to the letter. We have seen so many and such marvelous things that would be too long to write down or recount.


There was a brother outwardly of a decent and holy way of living, who day and night seemed concerned with prayer. He observed constant silence so that when he went to confession to a brother priest, he confessed only with signs, not with words. He appeared so devout and fervent in the love of God, that sometimes when sitting with the




Speculum Perfectionis, Fontes Franciscani, p.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 350

Hardcopies Available for Purchase

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