Liturgical Texts for the Feast of the Stigmata of Saint Francis - 666 

honors you by exalted grace
above all,
and mercifully crowns you
while you, with every effort,
direct all your heart on Him.


Invitatory [Antiphon]

In the praise of Francis
May Jesus be magnified
by the privilege of wounds
of which he was considered worthy.

First Nocturn:

  1. The passion of Jesus
    which was in the will of Francis,
    is proved beyond doubt
    by the truth of the wounds.
  1. Let no one now discourse
    against the stigmata of Francis,
    for these are gifts of Christ:
    Rome has now declared this.
  2. Jesus, the glory of Francis,
    greatly exalted him,
    with the holy insignia of the stigmata
    which He granted to him.


  1. R/ Francis, angelic man,
    strives to revere the angels
    and in a heavenly way wishes
    to afflict the flesh;
    Now the noted servant of Christ
    wishes to rejoice in Christ.

V/ To him the whole world was bitter
to him only Jesus was sweet,
and Him he strove to contemplate.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 666