Liturgical Texts for the Feast of the Stigmata of Saint Francis - 669 

  1. Jesus, You changed the
    weeping of Francis sweetly,
    when You tore the sack of flesh
    in that five-fold way
  2. The heart of Francis is pierced
    with loving arrows,
    the piercing showing forth
    in his flesh with beautiful wounds.


  1. R/ Francis, while he tried to hide
    the sacred stigmata,
    wishes them to be evident
    to those who are his throughout
    the regions of the world:
    through these the height
    of Francis's teachings can shine forth.

V. The sparks of love truly glisten,
the inscriptions of the life of Francis
shine forth.

  1. R/ By the insignia of Francis
    the storm subsides,
    animals are cured,
    the doctor is amazed
    as those burdened by every illness
    are restored to health.

V. By sight, by touch, by evident events
wondrously accomplished,
this truth shines forth.



  1. The image of Christ Jesus
    which he truly showed forth
    graciously fit the holiness
    of Francis.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 669