A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 862 

little heart, why did you run away? Truly I say to you, I did not feel the heat of the iron, nor any pain in my flesh." And to the doctor he also said: "If the flesh isn't well cooked, try it again!" The doctor, realizing that this was from God, said it was a miracle: "Brothers, today I have seen wonderful things."

XXII: He Cures a Cleric

65 Among the charisms of other powers, the holy father possessed the unique gift of healing. One time when he was staying in the bishop's palace in Rieti, a canon named Gedeone, a lustful and worldly man, who was seized by a grave illness, had himself carried to the man of God, and tearfully begged him if he would make the sign of the cross over him. He answered: "Since you have followed the desires of the flesh and have been an enemy of the cross of Christ, how can I make the sign of His cross over you?" Then he added: "I will sign you in the name of the Lord; but you must know that you will suffer worse things, if when you are healed you return to sin." When he made the sign of the cross over him, he was immediately restored to health and got up, saying: "Thanks be to God! I am free!" A short time later he returned to the same sins as before. One night when he was sleeping in the house of a fellow canon, the roof of the house collapsed on all of them, and while others escaped, only that man was killed according to the prediction of the man of God.

66 I am purposely passing over many other similar incidents in order to avoid redundancy. For this holy man possessed such power of the Most High that the benefits of healing were bestowed not only on many in his presence but also in his absence by means of articles which he had touched. Loaves of bread also were rather often brought to the saint of God to be blessed. When those who were sick tasted it, they were cured of various diseases.

Water Is Changed into Wine

67 Because of his merits elements were sometimes changed into other natures. Once when the saint himself was ill at the hermitage of Sant'Urbano, water was miraculously changed into wine for him. When he tasted it, he suddenly recovered, and as a result a double miracle is demonstrated here. Consult Francis's complete Legend for with what power he gave commands to demons and by prayer or command put them to flight from obsessed or tempted people.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 862