Jacopone of Todi (1278-1293) - 874 

Then, as you were absorbed in prayer
(the mere remembrance of that vision
always reduced you to tears), you caught fire
remembering Christ fastened to the cross.

That Christ you saw said to you,
”Come and lovingly embrace this noble cross;
if you would follow Me, become as nothing,
hate yourself and love your neighbor.”

Still later, when again you were meditating on the cross,
in clear, strong tones He called you thrice by name
and then, “My Church has lost its way—
set it once more on the right path.”

On the fourth occasion, Brother Sylvester
saw a golden cross shining from your mouth,
and your blazing words put to rout
the cursed serpent that had encircled Assisi.

In similar fashion, as Brother Pacifico gazed at you,
angelic Francis, he saw a cross of two swords—
one reached from your head to your feet,
the other followed the line of your outstretched arms.

As Saint Anthony was preaching, Blessed Brother Monaldo
saw a vision of you in the air, on a cross,
in the act of blessing your brothers; and then,
according to the account, you vanished from sight.

The seventh apparition came as you prayed with great devotion
on the craggy heights of La Verna—
an awesome vision of a six-winged seraph, crucified,
it sealed you with the stigmata—side, hands, and feet.

The one who hears a brief account finds this hard to believe,
yet many there are who saw these marks
while you were still alive and well,
and on your death, many more came to touch them.

Among others, Saint Clare came,
bringing her sisters with her;
greedy for such treasure she tried in vain
to pull out those nails with her teeth:a




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 874