Jacopone of Todi (1278-1293) - 878 

We've seen in what esteem the Lord holds you,
may His holy name be praised."

"I want to conceal the good in me,
and show the world I am a sinner.
My heart is with the Lord
when I bow my head low."

"What do you plan to do? Don't you want to work,
And with your earnings help those in need?"

"I shall go about in rags and beg for my bread;
in my love of God I go about like a drunken man."

"What good will that do, brother?
You will die a miserable death,
and your followers will grieve that you left them penniless."

"I will stay on the true path, with neither purse nor bag;
I have told my followers that they must never touch money."

"Go then into that lonely wood
with your ragged band of heroes;
in that solitude you will edify man,
and God from his throne will smile on you."a

"I was not sent into this world to flee it;
rather, I came to hunt for souls.
Pressing on, I will lay siege,
pitching my tents around your citadels."

"I fear your tactics: with this Order of yours
you will take many away from me.
At least leave me the women!
You shouldn't be mixing with them."

"I have upsetting news for you:
I have founded an order of sisters,
and they too will wage war on you."

"What woman would ever have the impudence
to move against me, the conqueror of the world?"




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 878