Jacopone of Todi (1278-1293) - 879 

“In the valley of Spoleto lives a virgin,
Of sovereign virtue, a temple consecrated to the Lord,
Clare, the daughter of Donna Ortolana.”

“But married people should not mix with brothers—
you can let them go, leave them under my patronage.”

“I will trouble you even more:
I have founded an order of penitents,
providing a norm for married folk.”

“At least leave heresy alone!
It is against your way of life.
If you touch that it will be too great an injury.”

“I mean to seek out the heresy that dwells in your mansions,
And those infected with it I’ll have thrown into prison.”a

“Oh, you’ve left me wretched indeed!
What has happened to that sharp hook of mine?
You’ve put a bit in my mouth and are reining me in!
Francis, you have crushed me and retaken the world,
so bereaved me that I am utterly destroyed.
But I will suffer no more—
I will turn to the Antichrist!
I will make him come,
For he has been so much prophesied.”

“And I will deal you both the final blow,
And wrench the world completely from you;
I will make peace with your followers,
Whom I will clothe in my striped habit.”b

“The prophetic texts do me no good;
in the end I am discomfited,
for the victory will be yours,
and I will be cast into the abyss.”

In this harsh and bitter struggle,
Many shall be wounded unto death,
The one who conquers will have the spoils
And be blessed with all good things.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 879