The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 437 

20 When Saint Francis, that faithful mask of God's secrets, felt that Lord Bernard was sleeping deeply, he rose from his bed in the deep silence of the night. Turning his face towards heaven and raising his hands and eyes to God, totally intent and fervently inflamed, he prayed most devoutly, saying: "My God and all!" With many tears he groaned these words to God. He kept on saying them with such devout exactness that until morning he said nothing else but: "My God and all!" Saint Francis used to repeat these words because he regarded with admiration the height of divine majesty that graciously chose to come down to a perishing world and through Saint Francis himself, a little, poor man, determined to provide a healing remedy. Enlightened by the prophetic spirit, he foresaw the great things God would do through him and his Order, and instructed by that spirit, he considered his own insufficiency and the insignificance of his strength. He was invoking the Lord, so that what he was unable to do, God could accomplish, without whom human frailty can do nothing. That is why he kept saying, "My God and all!"

26 Now Lord Bernard saw all this by the light of the lamp there, carefully noted those words and, by attentive observation, weighed the devotion of the saint. Touched by the Holy Spirit in the secret recesses of his heart, in the morning he immediately called to Francis and said: "Brother Francis, I have decided to leave the world entirely and follow you in whatever you command." When Saint Francis heard this, he rejoiced in spirit and said with great joy: "Lord Bernard, that task is so difficult that the advice of our Lord Jesus Christ is needed that he may graciously show us His good pleasure about how we must carry it out. Therefore, let us go together to the bishop's residence where there is a good priest and let us have Mass said. Then after hearing Mass, we will pray there until terce. In our prayer let us ask our Lord Jesus Christ kindly to show us, in opening the Missal three times, the way that is pleasing to him which we must choose." Bernard said: "What you say pleases me."

31 So they went to the bishop's residence,a heard Mass and prolonged their prayer until terce. Then, at the request of Saint Francis and Lord Bernard, the priest took the Missal and, preparing himself with the sign of the Cross, opened it in the name of our Lord Jesus




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 437