The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 527 

3 There was also Brother Bentivoglia of San Severino, whom Brother Masseo, of that same town, saw lifted to a great height into the air when he was praying in the woods.a Because of this miracle, Brother Masseo gave up his parish and became a Lesser Brother, a man of such holy life that he performed many miracles; and he now rests at Morro. While Brother Bentivoglia was staying alone at Ponte della Trave and taking care of a leper, he was forced by obedience to leave and, not wishing to abandon the leper, he lifted him onto his shoulders and went with his burden from that place at Trave to Monte San Vicino where there was another place; a distance of fifteen miles, from the break of dawn until sunrise. If he had been an eagle, he could hardly have flown that route with such a weight in such a short time. All who heard about this divine miracle were extraordinarily astonished.

6 Brother Pietro of Monticulo was lifted into the air in the sight of Brother Servadeo of Urbino, who was then his Guardian in the old place at Ancona.b He was lifted up to the feet of the crucifix, located up high, perhaps five or six cubits or so from the floor of the church.

7 He fasted during the Lent of Saint Michael the Archangel and on the last day of the fast, he confined himself to the church.c A brother, just a boy, had concealed himself on purpose behind the altar, and heard him speaking with the most holy Archangel Michael and the archangel with him. And the words which they said were these. The archangel said: "Brother Pietro, you have labored faithfully and very often afflicted yourself for me. I have come to console you: ask for any grace you wish. I will ask this grace from the Lord for you." Brother Pietro replied: "Most holy prince of the heavenly army and most faithful zealot of the honor of God, most kindly protector of souls, I ask this grace of you that you beg for me the remission of all sinners." Michael most holy responded: "Ask for another grace, for I will obtain this one for you very easily." But Brother Pietro would not ask for another. The Archangel concluded, saying: "Because of the confidence and devotion you have toward me, I will procure for you the grace you ask and many others besides." When this conversation, which lasted a great part of the night, was ended, the angel left him deeply consoled.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 527