The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 528 

12 Also at the time of this truly holy Brother Pietro, there was Brother Conrad of Offida already mentioned.a When they were staying together in the family at the place of Forano in the Custody of Ancona, Brother Conrad went into the woods to meditate on the things of God. Brother Pietro followed him secretly to see what would happen to him. Brother Conrad began to pray very devoutly and tearfully to the most Blessed Virgin that she would obtain this grace for him from her Son: that he would be able to experience some of that sweetness which the holy Simeon felt on the day of the Purification when he held Christ, the blessed Savior, in his arms.

14 That most merciful Lady heard his plea and suddenly there was the Queen of glory with her blessed Son in such a bright light, which not only put the darkness to flight, but also outshone every other light. Approaching Brother Conrad she placed in his arms that child more beautiful than the sons of men. Brother Conrad received Him most devoutly, pressed his lips to His, and embraced Him breast to breast, and he melted completely in these embraces and kisses of charity. Brother Pietro, however, saw all this in the clear light and from it also experienced wonderful consolation. He remained hidden in the woods. The Blessed Virgin Mary departed with her Son, and Brother Pietro hurriedly retraced his steps to the place. When Brother Conrad returned, all merry and rejoicing, he was called by Brother Pietro: "O heavenly brother, you've had great consolation today!" Brother Conrad said: "What do you mean, Brother Pietro? What do you know about what I have?" Brother Pietro replied: "I know very well that the most Blessed Virgin and her blessed Son visited you." Hearing this, Brother Conrad, because he was truly humble, wanted it to be a secret and asked him not to tell anyone. For there was such love between these two that they seemed to have one heart and one soul. Acts 4:32

19 Praying in the place at Sirolo, this same Brother Conrad freed a girl possessed by a demon and then immediately fled from the place so that the mother of the freed girl would not find him, and a crowd of people would gather. Brother Conrad had been praying that whole night and appeared to the mother of the girl, and by appearing had freed the girl.

To the praise and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 528