The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 536 

frequently call out to Brother James, saying within the recess of his heart: "Brother James, my Brother James; my most faithful servant of Christ; Brother James, my sweet father; Brother James, companion of the angels; Brother James, member of the blessed." Assured about the death of Brother James, and joyful about the salvation of his soul, he left the place at Massa where he had this vision, and went to that of Mogliano, where he found the sick man so weighed down with illness that he could hardly speak. Brother John announced to him that he was about to die, and that like a lion, rejoicing and assured, he would be passing into life.

9 Brother James, now certain about his salvation, was overjoyed both in mind and expression and received Brother John with a beautiful smile and joyful face, because he had brought such happy news to him, and because he loved Brother John like a son. And commending himself intimately to Brother James, he indicated to him that he was already being freed from his body. Brother John asked him please to speak to him after death. Brother James promised to do this, if the kind Savior would permit it.

11 After these things were said and the hour of departure approached, Brother James began to say devoutly: "Oh, in peace; Oh, in Him; Oh, I will sleep; Oh, I will rest!" As he said his, he passed to the Lord with a joyful and cheerful expression.

12 Brother John returned to Massa and awaited Brother James's promise on the day when he had said that he would speak to him. While he was waiting Christ appeared to him with great brightness and with a magnificent escort of angels and saints.

13 Brother John remembered Brother James and commended him to Christ. After this, on the following day, when Brother John was staying in the woods at Massa, Brother James, totally glorious and happy, appeared to him escorted by angels. Brother John said to him: "Oh Father, why didn't you come to talk to me on the day you promised?" He replied: "Because I was in need of some purging; but at the same moment when Christ appeared to you, I appeared to the lay brother James of Massa, a living saint, who was serving at Mass where at the time of the elevation he saw that the sacred host turned into a living, very handsome boy. Then I said to this brother: 'Today I'm going with that Boy to the kingdom of heaven, because no one can go there except through Him.' And you, Brother John, when you commended me to Christ, your prayer was heard, and at the same time I was speaking to Brother James, I was set free."

17 And when he finished speaking, he went to the Lord. Brother John remained greatly consoled. And Brother James of Falerone passed on the vigil of Saint James the Apostle, whose feast is kept in




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 536