The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 545 

attention to his words and believe his teaching, for I have sent him. But you have a long road to travel and then you will come to me."

3 He immediately got up and felt a marvelous change in his soul. Going to the indicated place, he found a great multitude of men and women who had come from various regions to hear the word of the Lord. And the one who was to preach was called Brother Philip.a And he rose up and preached not in learned words of human wisdom but in the power of the Spirit of Christ, proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Now this Brother Philip was almost one of the first brothers who came to the March of Ancona; and few places had yet been taken in the Marches. When the sermon was ended, Brother John went to Brother Philip and said: "Father, if you will, please receive me into the Order. I will do penance willingly and serve the blessed Lord Jesus Christ." That brother, holy and enlightened man, seeing that the young man had marvelous innocence and a ready will, said to him: "On such and such a day come to me in the city of Recanati and I will have you received." A chapter was to be celebrated there at that time.b

6 Since the young man was very pure, he said to himself: "This will be the long road that I have to take, as it was revealed to me, and then I will go to heaven." He went, therefore, was immediately received into the Order, and believed that he was going to God. However, in the chapter the Minister said: "Whoever for the merit of holy obedience wishes to go to the Province of Provence,c I will send him." When Brother John heard this, he wanted to go there, thinking to himself that perhaps this was the long road which he had to take but he was ashamed to tell anyone. Trusting in Brother Philip who had him received, he went to him and said: "Father, I beg you to get me this grace, that I may go to the Province of Provence to stay."

9 The brothers of that time longed to go into foreign Provinces, that they might be pilgrims and strangers in this world, and citizens with the saints in the household of God 1 Pt 2:11 Eph 2:19 in heaven. Brother Philip, recognizing his pure and holy intention, acquired permission for him to go to that province. Brother John believed that, after this journey was completed, he would go to heaven. He stayed in that province for twenty-five years and lived an exemplary life of the greatest




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 545