The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 552 

companion: "Dear brother, let's go to that courteous lord, because I trust in the Lord that with courtesy this man will give himself as a companion." They set out on their journey and neared the house of that man.

8 Blessed Francis, however, before going to him, said to his companion: "Wait for me, brother, because I first want to ask God to make our journey fruitful: that Christ, by the power of his most holy passion, may kindly grant us, little and weak as we are, the noble prey we are planning to take from the world." Saint Francis then gave himself to prayer in a place where he could be clearly seen by that courteous lord. By Christ's permission, as that lord was looking here and there he saw Saint Francis at prayer, standing devoutly in front of Christ, and the blessed Christ standing in front of Francis graciously and in great brilliance. And while standing in this light, Saint Francis was lifted up from the earth both in mind and in body.

10 As that lord saw all this clearly, suddenly the saving hand of the Lord came over him: Ez 1:3 in body he left his palace; in spirit he despised the world; in fervor of spirit he ran to Blessed Francis. When he reached him, he found him standing on the ground and praying with great devotion. So that nobleman immediately gave himself to prayer in the same way. He prayed insistently that he would kindly receive him to do penance and to remain with him.

11 As Saint Francis saw and heard that what he himself desired was the very thing that man was asking; and he realized that this amazing change had been made by the right hand of the Lord. Ps 77:11 [Vulgate, Ps 76:11] Getting up in joy of spirit, he rushed to hug and kiss him with devotion, returning thanks and praise to the Most High who had added such a knight to his army. And in the midst of this the man said: "Father, what do you command me to do? At your order I give everything to the poor, freeing myself of earthly things. Now here I am, ready to run with you after Christ!" And so it happened: by the merits and prayers of Saint Francis, he left all things and became a Lesser Brother of such perfect life and good behavior that through meritorious penance he finished with a praiseworthy ending.

To the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 552