The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 555 


1 The venerable priest of God, Brother Pietro of Monticulo,b and Brother Conrad of Offida,c whose life was admirable in the sight of God and people: these two, like two shining stars of the Province of the Marches, were heavenly men and earthly angels. They were staying together in the Custody of Ancona, perhaps in the place at Forano, which pleased them very much because of the great love which attached them to each other in the bond of the Holy Spirit, so that they seemed to share one soul. They bound each other to an agreement that whatever consolation the mercy of God should grant to one of them should be revealed to the other in the charity of God.

2 After agreeing to this pact, one day Brother Pietro was devoutly meditating on the passion of Christ, and how His most blessed Mother and John, His most beloved disciple, remained co-crucified with Him, and how our Blessed Father Francis stood crucified before the Crucified. And he had a devout curiosity to know which of them grieved more: the Mother who gave birth to Him; the beloved disciple, who slept on His breast; or the most devoted Francis, who was crucified with the Crucified.

3 While he remained in this holy and devout meditation with many tears, suddenly the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, appeared to him, and Blessed John the Evangelist and our blessed Father Francis, dressed in the brilliant robes of blessed glory, though Blessed Francis was dressed in a robe that seemed brighter than that of blessed John. As they stood before Brother Pietro, who was shaking with fear, Blessed John comforted him, saying: "Do not fear, dearest brother in the Lord, because we have come to console you and to solve your doubt. You should know that, even though His Mother and I grieved more than everyone over the Passion of Christ, after us Blessed Francis grieved more than everyone, and for this reason you see him in such great glory."

6 Brother Pietro replied: "Most holy apostle of Christ, why does the robe of Blessed Francis seem more glorious than your robe?" Blessed John answered: "Because, while he was in the world, for the love of Christ he wore clothes more vile than I did." On saying this, John offered Brother Pietro a glorious robe that he was carrying in his hands, saying, "Take this robe, because I brought it to give it to you."

8 And when Brother Pietro put on this robe, Brother Pietro started running, out of surprise and wonder—he was seeing this while




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 555