The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 558 

Saint Francis, by the same measure each was clothed in darkness or light.

17 Brother John was shining with light more than all who were on the tree.a He was entirely turned toward contemplating the abyss of the true light; and he realized that a great, strong whirlwind was about to rise up against the tree.b Leaving the very great height of the branch on which he was standing, and leaving the other branches behind, he hid himself on the more solid place of the tree's trunk. And while he was directing his attention to himself, Brother Bonaventure, who had ascended to the place from which Brother John had descended and had drunk part and poured out part of the chalice given to him,c was given sharp iron fingernails like sharp-edged razors for cutting hair.d Brother Bonaventure, moving from his place, wanted to make an attack on Brother John. But Brother John, seeing this, shouted to the Lord, and at the shout of Brother John Christ called Saint Francis, and gave him a very sharp stone called a flint, and ordered him: "Go, and cut on the living stone Brother Bonaventure's nails, with which he wants to tear Brother John to pieces, so that he cannot hurt him." Saint Francis went and cut Brother Bonaventure's iron nails, and Brother John stayed in his place shining like the sun.e

23 After this a raging storm arose and rushed upon the tree and the brothers began to fall from it. The first to fall from the tree were those who poured out all of the spirit of life. But Brother John and those who had drunk all of the spirit of life were transported by divine power to the realm of life, light, and splendor. Those falling who were darkened were carried off by the ministers of darkness to places of darkness and misery.

25 He who saw this vision understood in detail all that he was seeing, so he clearly distinguished and firmly remembered the names,




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 558