The Kinship of Saint Francis - 681 

Brothers Bernard of Quintavalle, the first, and Peter Catanio, the second; the third was the most holy Brother Giles; the fourth Brother Sabbatino; the fifth, Brother Morico the Short; the sixth, Brother John of Capella; the seventh, Brother Philip the Tall; the eighth, brother John of San Costanzo; the ninth, Brother Barbaro; the tenth, Brother Bernardo Vigilante or de Vida; the eleventh, Brother Angelo Tancredi, who was the first knight of the Order.a

Now after the approval he fathered in Christ's Gospel so many sons and daughters, that his seed, spread throughout the whole world, seems beyond number, like the sand of the seashore. So much for his kinship and genealogy.

4 In the first place, therefore, the following should be seen concerning those who predicted in the way of the prophets many future things about blessed Francis.

4a For Abbot Joachim, many years before the birth of Francis, predicted many things about his coming, order, and habit and painted his portrait in the Church of Saint Mark in Venice with the habit and cord, his bare feet and his sacred stigmata, maintaining that he was a most holy man, and should be honored by everyone.b

4b Many years before the birth of Francis, there was another abbot in the regions over seas who foretold in speaking and writing, among other things, his coming and his Order. "Oh that, in the future, I would see Gospel men going about without purse, money, and shoes in the manner of the Apostles preaching throughout the world!" When that was circulated in the monastery and the monks wished wholeheartedly to see such men, as once before the holy Fathers had wished to see Christ, by chance, after the foundation of the Order, two Lesser Brothers came to that monastery. As the monks questioned them with admiration and were told by them about their life and profession, those monks immediately welcomed them with joy and the greatest respect, bowing before them, and kissing their feet




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