The Kinship of Saint Francis - 684 

Peter Catanio with him and, together, after they left everything at the command of Saint Francis and gave it to the poor, they followed him.

Surely blessed Brother Bernard can be called "Andrew." Andrew is spoken of as ana, which is "on high" and tropos, "conversion," as if he was "converted on high."a For Brother Bernard almost always had his mind above, turned to God, for, as it is written in his life, "his mind was totally freed from the things of earth and like a swallow winging its way on high." Alone, sometimes for twenty days, sometimes for thirty, he wended his way to the mountaintops by contemplating only heavenly things. "Because of this, Brother Giles used to say that there was not given to everyone what was given to Brother Bernard so that he would feed himself by wending his way like a swallow."

Or Brother Bernard was Andrew, which means "the one responding,"b because, as we find in his life, "he arrived at such clarity of understanding in contemplation that even great clerics would run to him." For "he unraveled the obscurities of questions" most clearly, responding clearly when asked "about each passage of the Bible," as Andrew very lucidly explained our faith in the presence of the Aegean mysteries.c


[Saint Peter] [Brother Peter Catanio]


6b Brother Peter Catanio was not only like Saint Peter the Apostle in name and in life, but also in authority. For as Christ made Peter his vicar on earth and placed him as prince of the Church, so blessed Francis made Brother Peter Catanio his vicar and placed him as head of his religion, so that he might seem more lowly.

As Peter and Andrew were crucified as Christ was, so Brothers Bernard and Peter were the first to receive from blessed Francis the habit of the cross. See this wonderful mystery! Francis left his father, Pietro Bernardone, for Christ, and God gave him two better than his father. And that he received them from God in recompense for his father, it was clearly demonstrated by their names. In place of Pietro Bernadone, he had Peter and Bernard together. And from these it




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