The Kinship of Saint Francis - 685 

appears that all the deeds of Francis were filled with and hidden in a variety of mysteries.


[Saint James the Greater] [Brother Giles]


6c The third companion of blessed Francis was the holy Brother Giles, like another James of Zebedee since they were greatly similar in name and in life, in traveling and in contemplation. For James is spoken of as supplantans festinantem [tripping up someone in a hurry] that is, having the world underfoot.a But Egidio [Giles] means: from e, that is sine [without], and geos [earth], and dius, that is divinus [divine], as if "divine without earth." Giles, then, was "divine without earth," because he tripped someone in a hurry, that is the world, because he was divine without earth. James tripped the hurrying world so perfectly, because he was "divine without earth."

James is also spoken of as "of Zebedee," since Zebedee is either "flowing between" or "donated."b Giles can be spoken of as "egens dives [a needy rich man]," either name meaning rich and poor, because he tripped the world and earthly things by evangelical poverty, and as "fluens [flowing]," because of the overflow of divine grace. He, that is, Giles, is spoken of as in need of earthly things, rich in heavenly gifts. For unless James had been flowing with the greatest graces and gifts, pilgrims would not thus be running to him from all over the world.c In an ancient legend of Saint Francis, we read about Brother Giles, however, that many knew from experience that, in matters of their soul, he whom they devoutly invoked, helped them.d During his life, then, he was overflowing with so many heavenly gifts that people from many far away places ran to see and hear him. Even Saint Louis, the King of France, came to him from Paris, as did




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