The Kinship of Saint Francis - 686 

Lady Jacoba da Settesoli from Rome, as did many others,a as his Legend describes more completely.

By his call Saint James was the third apostle and is always placed third in the Gospel in which the Apostles are listed. In a similar way, Brother Giles was the third brother called after Francis, that is, after Bernard and Peter, just as James, leaving what was his, followed Christ after Andrew and Peter.

As James visited Spain by his preaching and, later, Jerusalem and the Holy Land, so Brother Giles, in encouraging people to penance, traveled first to Spain to visit James to whom he was conformed and, later, to the Holy Land.b While ascending the mountain James saw with his own eyes Christ transfigured and fell as if dead from fright. In the same way, among all the companions of Saint Francis, Brother Giles, having the grace of rapture, once saw Christ with his bodily eyes. And, out of amazement and his heart's sweetness, which his human frailty was hardly able to endure, he seemed to have died, as his Legend narrates.c


["Saint" John the Evangelist] [Brother Leo]


6d Francis's fourth companion was Brother Leo, his confessor, who was very much like blessed John the Evangelist. Blessed John was very pure, simple, and thoroughly gentle, so that Christ loved him more than the others. In the same way, Brother Leo was very innocent, simple, and gentle, so that Francis called him "the little lamb" and loved him most dearly.d As Christ was closer to John and revealed His secrets to him more than to the others, so Saint Francis was much closer to Brother Leo and revealed to him more than to the others mysteries of his heart, even things God had revealed to him.




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