The Kinship of Saint Francis - 691 


[Saint Bartholomew] [Brother Masseo]


6i The ninth companion of Saint Francis was Brother Masseo of Marignano who was very much like to blessed Bartholomew both in name and in life. For Bartholomew means filius suspendentis me [son of the one suspending me].a In this the austerity of his repentance can be noticed, as if he said: "I afflict my body so much that I can be called son, that is, like the one suspending me and reduce my spirit to service." Brother Masseo was left-handed as if the son of one who suspended him, because of all the companions of Saint Francis he afflicted his body to obtain the highest humility, as his life will show below.

Bartholomew also means filius suspendentis aquas [son of the one suspending the waters]b because the waters of the graces of his devotion and tears were falling down and rising up through God and thus they lifted him from the things of earth to those of heaven. In his prayer he genuflected hundreds of times throughout the night. Therefore, he could also have Brother Masseo's surname, that is, Marignani, or in mari nans [swimming in the sea], because he was not drowned in tribulations but was swimming as in the sea, being held up and lifted on waters. For the waters of Brother Masseo's devotion were lifted into God as if suspended, for he was an exceptionally contemplative person and, in his mind, hanging onto God. Just as Blessed Bartholomew was always happy and joyful in spirit, so it was written of Brother Masseo that he was always

"spending time in contemplation with a happy expression."


[Saint Simon] [Brother Pacifico]


6k The tenth companion of Saint Francis was Brother Pacifico, who is very similar to the Apostle Saint Simon in name and in life. Simon means obediens [obeying] or from syn, that is simul [both together], and from monos [one], as if "both together as one," and this through the bond or union of peace.c Simon, therefore, appears to sound the same as Pacifico. Who is more peaceful and obedient but one who is both together as one, that is, one who is united with all? Brother Pacifico could be said to be Simon the obedient one and both together as one, for Saint Francis called him Pacifico because of




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