The Kinship of Saint Francis - 692 

his obedience, simplicity, and gentleness by which he did not offend anyone.

As Saint Simon was also known as "zealot," that is, burning with zeal for God, so Brother Pacifico bore a zeal and a most burning love for Saint Francis. Afterwards he saw in a vision that he would be lifted to a most high throne, speaking with him as if he were already glorified in heaven. Saint Simon was living amid luxury, jests, and songs, and was immediately converted to Christ: for it is probable from the Gospel that the blessed apostle Simon was converted at the wedding to which Christ was invited. For he was from that village, Cana of Galilee, and so he was called a "Cananean" and was a relative of the groom and of Christ. His disciples were invited with Christ, "not those who were then his disciples," according to the Gloss, "but those who would be in the future."a After the miracle he performed there, his disciples believed in Him, that is, Simon, Jude, son of James, and Joseph the Just, who were his brothers and were from that village, as well as relatives of the groom, that is, John the Evangelist. In a similar way, Brother Pacifico had previously enjoyed luxury and songs, for he was "a diligent creator of songs" in that he was "crowned such by the Emperor" and called "King of Verses." From that state, he was converted immediately to Francis.

Simon was also crucified and many marveled that an old man could endure the suffering of the cross. Likewise Brother Pacifico once saw Saint Francis as if crucified on two crossed swords, while preaching in a monastery. He was suddenly converted to God, and said to Saint Francis after his sermon: "Brother, what you say in word, you should do in deed." Francis asked him why he said that, and he replied, "Give me your tunic." And the saint immediately gave it to him, and he put it on, saying: "Now I want to serve God in this habit." And thus, in that same habit, made in the form of the cross, he was co-crucified with Francis. This amazed many, that a man who spent so many years concerned about luxuries and singing now bore the suffering of the cross.


[Saint Thaddeus] [Brother Elias]


6l The eleventh companion of Saint Francis was Brother Elias who is very much like the Apostle Thaddeus in name and in life. For Thaddeus is spoken of as tuus Deus [your God], or from theos [Deus] he




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