The Kinship of Saint Francis - 719 

still on earth, dwell with the angels in heaven. It is she who accompanied Christ on the Cross, was hidden with Christ in the tomb, and with Christ rose and ascended into heaven, because she grants to souls who love her even in this life lightness to fly above the heavens. For she holds the weapons of true humility and charity. Therefore, let us ask those most holy apostles of Jesus Christ, who were lovers of this evangelical pearl, to obtain this grace for us from our Lord Jesus Christ, so that he, who was the observer and teacher of holy poverty, may in his most holy mercy grant us to be worthy of being true observers and humble disciples of that most precious, loving and angelic poverty."

When they arrived in Rome, they entered the Church of the most Blessed Peter, Prince of the Apostles. After they entered Saint Francis went to one corner of the Church and Brother Masseo to another corner to beg God and His holy apostles that they train and help them to possess the treasure of holy poverty. They begged for this with great devotion and with many tears. And as they persisted humbly in their prayer, suddenly blessed Peter and blessed Paul appeared in great brightness to blessed Francis, kissing him, embracing him, and saying: "Brother Francis, because you ask this and desire what Christ himself and his Holy Apostles observed, we on his behalf inform you that your desire has been fulfilled. The Lord Jesus Christ sent us to you to announce to you that your prayer has been heard, and that the treasure of most holy poverty has been granted most perfectly to you and to your followers. And we tell you on behalf of Christ that whoever by your example perfectly follows this desire will be assured of the kingdom of blessedness, and you and all your followers will be blessed by the Lord."

When they had said these things, they departed, leaving him inwardly consoled.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 719