The Tree of the Crucified Life of Jesus Book Five (Excerpts) - 150 

person only but to many, and so explicitly that they recounted them with absolute assurance.

[Witness of John of Parma]

52Nor are we to omit the testimony of a holy man of God, one of the greatest men of perfection of our times, to judge by all visible proofs: I speak of that most holy brother, John of Parma.a He was General of this Order, a teacher of the highest renown, an excellent preacher; there were no bounds to his austerity, humility and charity, nor to his attaining contemplative heights and his pursuit of solitude. Distancing himself from all worldliness, he was devoured by a godly zeal over the debasement he saw in this institution and in the Church. Unflagging as he was in declaring the truth about this, he received the direst harassment and vilification, which he bore with the greatest patience. This did not deter him from passionately adducing the same realities before several popes and many cardinals. He most certainly deserves to be numbered, by those who sincerely love and imitate Jesus, among the seraphic heroes and with the celestial Church's great holy men.

422b11For the same man in fervor of spirit at an advanced age was bracing up his energies for activity, with the aid of grace, not nature; as though he were a disciple of John the Evangelist, he was willing to go and win back wayward Asia for Christ. He had obtained permission for this from the pope of the time, but while he was on his way and had reached Camerino, a town in the Marches, he was called to heavenly glory by Jesus, to whom he had been utterly devoted through observance of the Gospel and the Rule and Testament of the blessed father Francis. Of his glorification in heaven Jesus has given the world such numerous testimonies of this most humble one who glorified Him that I hardly remember reading of any saint with more numerous miracles for quite some time. For he raised several from the dead; from clear danger of death he snatched even more; he helped the blind, the mute, the deaf, the injured, the crippled, the withered, and those in need because of every kind of illness. These events were so numerous that, as little as he was approved by the carnal Church, which he opposed, so much the more does he seem to be gifted in the heavenly Church by the working of numerous miracles.

29Now this man used to maintain in no uncertain terms—which I myself with my unworthy ears have heard from his holy lips—that




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 150