The Tree of the Crucified Life of Jesus Book Five (Excerpts) - 193 

57As it is here that the sixth status reform occurs, the new Jerusalem signifies this stage's peaceful contemplation of God and its renovation of the world through a thorough disdain for worldly things; hence it is called new, a fresh gift given by God. And this City's name can especially be said to be inscribed on Francis and on men like him, since with them all the renewal is inaugurated, established and sustained.

442b5The third inscription is the contemplation of Christ in His humanity and as Redeemer and Mediator. This is indicated by and my own new name; called new, because of the unique existence of His humanity in a divine Person, and also because in Him and through Him consists the complete renewal of the elect. And notice how his name is mentioned lastly: this is to show the complete circuit of contemplation, descending from God into the City of the saints and returning in Christ Jesus, to rest in Him in an embrace of delight. Thus is completed a glorious circle, starting out from God, moving through the saints, into the God-Man, the Holy of holies.

17Observe now how to the sixth status is given an extraordinarily clear knowledge of God and of his entire City, and an extraordinary opening into and knowledge of the work of our redemption and of Christ Jesus. But it is upon this blessed man, Francis, that the name of God the Father is written, because he is being made the spiritual father of a worldwide religious Order. The name of the new Jerusalem is also inscribed on him, his soul being made worthy, by the sweetness of love, to be called Christ's spouse and gracious mother, bringing forth Jesus as offspring. Christ Jesus' new name is inscribed on him, when the figure of the Crucified is carved, not only into his soul, but on his body. Thus, of all Christ's members, among whom he holds primacy, he, by antonamasia, is called "anointed." Of such it is said, Do not touch those I have anointed.

31Observe also the orderly manner in which our text treats of the endowments given the holy father on this sacred mountain.a The first is a complete conquest of the world and of himself. The second is a foundational initiation into a contemplation that is joyous, deep, and stable. The third is the promised expansion of flawless descendants. The fourth is that splendid engraving of the wounds and name of Christ crucified. The first is referred to by He who conquers: he fully overcame himself and the world, as he fasted and prayed in this bleak and lonely place. The second is indicated by, I will make him a pillar . . . the name of my God: Francis was placed upon the firmest of




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 193