The Tree of the Crucified Life of Jesus Book Five (Excerpts) - 199 

who was present at the time and did the writing down of the Rule. This was done on certain scrolls,a in his own handwriting, and these he sent to the Monastery of Saint Clare for safekeeping as a record for the future. After all, it was on these he had written many things he had heard from the lips of the father and many things he had seen him do. Their contents cover important matter about amazing things the saint accomplished, about the future debasement of the Rule and its subsequent revival, facts of great note about its institution and restoration on the part of God, and about the way in which the blessed Francis intended it to be observed, the very same way he himself used to say he had received it from Christ.

31Those things Brother Bonaventure omitted on purpose, not wanting to include them in his Legend for the eyes of all. His main reason was that there were some facts which openly showed there were aberrations from the Rule even earlier on, and he had no wish to prematurely disgrace the brothers before outsiders. It is obvious, however, that it would have been much better to write about them; because then the disasters that later occurred might not perhaps have been so bad. Of the greatest significance is what follows next; it was preserved since those earlier days. But I was very sad to hear that those scrolls have been pulled apart and, possibly, some missing; I was quite saddened over some of them. This account, however, is the one the holy brother Leo gave and the one he wrote, when he was fasting with the blessed Francis on the mountain they had gone to for the writing of the Rule.b


42The spirit of the devil, who from the outset raised obstacles against this most holy Rule, prompted a crowd of ministers and others who had the name of being men of discernment, to convene at Rieti for reasons of human timidity. These approached Brother Elias and told him to be their representative and go up to see the holy man and address him in the words that are written here below. And when he had said that he did not dare to go to him, because he was afraid of being stricken with a severe curse by the saint, all the more because he had never done anything with so much spirit as he now exhibited




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 199