The Versified Life of Saint Francis (after 1283) - 90 

Was being made present to his children. If he were absent
In body, always, however, was he present by desire.
His transformation into this figure of the fiery sun,
Meant that he himself had become a burning and shining lamp, Jn 5:35
To all who were true Israelites the spiritual
Chariot and horseman; 2 Kgs 02:12 Francis, like another Elijah,
After whom it was safe for seekers of the Lord to go.
Credible indeed it is that in answer to Francis's prayer
Christ courteously willed to open for these simple brothers
The perception of their mental and of their bodily eyes,
To see the meaning of this wonderful sign from the Lord.
It was He who made Elisha's servant see the encampment
And the chariots of fire, when his eyes had been opened.
And so, they noted the soul of the saint, as the sphere showed,
Perfect, as the chariot, fleet, as the radiance, blissful.

After this, Francis went back to the chapel of the Virgin,
Set upright by his efforts, with the brothers who numbered twelve,
That the new Order which began under the Mother of God,
Might, under her, advance in merit and have many join it,
And that she who gave its beginnings might assist its increase.
Hereupon Francis, evangelic messenger, of Him
Who drives away darkness of soul and inspires it to act
Asked, with determined prayer, what was His will in his regard:
To instruct others, or live silently for himself alone?
The teacher in him doubted not; and yet he prayed and pressed
For the Lord's good pleasure to be made more fully known to him.
Reverence in a just man always forbids him to presume.
From what the Lord revealed, therefore, the holy man recognized
That for this was he sent, to bring back to the fold the sheep
That wandered, and regain for God souls snatched away from Him.
To preaching he totally applied himself; he went about
Cities, villages and townships, and everywhere the word
Of salvation purposefully preached. Unflinching were his words,
Burning like a torch, setting the cold-hearted on fire,
Penetrating, not flattering, simple, at the same time stern,
Incredibly empowered to pierce, and sharper than every
Two-edged sword; words that had power to move the hardest hearts.
Gladness and joy were what filled out the soul of Francis when
Someone approached to join combat and declare the war on sin.
No matter what one's condition, one's fortune was, or age,
No one got refused. Admission was gained by every type,
Nor was there any levy; the good, the bad, the high, the low,
The rustic and the knight, commoner and man of noble blood,




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 90