The Versified Life of Saint Francis (after 1283) - 92 

Things that were raw, partaking of vegetables, herbs or fruit.
Yet he remained in good condition and strong in body.

Since the sun, a star, or a mountain cannot be concealed,
So Francis's reputation attracted many from afar
Who wished to see him; he was like another Solomon,
Mustering to himself those from far away his fame had reached.
Among these was a man who, in the composing of poems
And songs, had achieved such proficiency that he was named,
By the Emperor himself, King of Verse, and also had been
Crowned as such by him. Although he never had an idea
Of what Francis looked like, the moment he caught sight of him
He recognized him, on being pointed out by a special sign.
For as God's herald instructed the people as usual,
The man could see him marked with the sign of the cross, in the
Form of two swords spread transversely, up and down and across.
These symbolic swords were flashing with incredible brilliance.
One went from his head to his feet, the other touched each hand.
Intent upon the word of God, that sword of the spirit,
Is how the holy man was heard by his new disciple,
And bidding him renounce all mundane display and concerns.
And all intent upon the word of God, which is the sword
Of the spirit, was the holy man, as his new pupil heard
How he should renounce the pomp of the world and all its cares.
Taking the habit and the vows of the holy master,
He was later given the name Pacificus, for the way
He had perfectly clung to Christ and made his peace with Him.

Countless folk, who were attracted to their father's miracles.
To an immense size grew the holy planting, the newly
Founded Order, this brightest shoot, under a father so great.
The flock committed to his charge the shepherd eagerly fed
And watched with care; at once, for those at home was he at hand,
And to those absent, miraculously, also present.

Indeed, on one occasion when the brothers gathered, he absent
And very far away, the one bidden to address them
Being that brother and father, Anthony, then a doctor
Of renown, now a famed confessor of Christ, who the Church
Universal, by the life he led, his doctrine and wonders,
Illumines, and taking as his theme: "Jesus of Nazareth,
King of the Jews,"
Jn 19:19 while he was preaching, a brother of tried
Virtue, Monaldus by name, who led such an unclouded life,
That it sparkled with salutary lessons of behavior,
He, lifting up his eyes, observed standing there in the air
The father Francis, with his hands extended like a cross,




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 92