The Versified Life of Saint Francis (after 1283) - 94 

Was their conflict with the Saracens, and in that place
Present was Francis, fighting not with weapons but with prayers,
The army, desirous once for all to assail their foes,
Moved up to the strife, and battle lines were readied for combat.
Word came to Francis and, as the fatal outcome he foreknew,
He advised against war and announced what was to ensue;
How it would go horribly wrong and heavy losses yield.
They but laughed at the man, nor welcome did they give his words.
They marched in, battle began, they gave up, fled, were captured,
And there perished by the sword people in many thousands,
And for disdaining the holy man, late came their regrets.

Visiting Celano to preach, and invited to a meal
By a knight earnestly entreating him, while he prayed before
Eating, on God's disclosing it, he knew his host was soon
To die; so he summoned him and admonished him to prepare
For his coming death, devoutly make confession of his sins,
And set his house in order. "Not here, my dear friend," he said,
"Are you this day to eat; elsewhere your table is prepared;
And for your kind deed in our regard, the Lord will you reward."
The holy man's word at once the man obeyed, and forthwith
Confessing to the saint's companion and setting the affairs
Of his house in order, while others had a mind to dine,
He was seized by sudden death, and by the merits of the guest
He had received, punishment eluded and won a crown;
Forewarned, he for good had come prepared and all the bad erased.
Kindness finds favor with God, and its fruit is a rich prize
The princely Rewarder permits not to be offered in vain;
Hardly is one that loves kindness cheated of God's kindness.

There was the time that the holy man lay sick at Rieti,
When a prebendarya there had himself carried to him.
He was a man by the name of Gideon, shifty, and who
For long lived a bad life, but was with a grave illness stricken.
To be signed with the sign of the cross he tearfully implored
The saint, while those around him were also pressing the plea.
Replied the holy man: "Since you have long lived a bad life
Without fear of the Lord, why should I sign you? However,
For those who are asking with you, I do you the favor
On this occasion. But you must know that should you now be cured
And return to your vomit, you will suffer still graver ills;
For an ungrateful man always deserves the worst misfortunes."




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 94