The Versified Life of Saint Francis (after 1283) - 105 

Causing him with its chatter extreme annoyance. He said,
With agitation, that this swallow must be one of those
That when Francis once had a mind to speak the word of God,
Impeded him until he calmed them down with a command.
Hence turning to the swallow, he said to it: "In the name
Of the Lord's servant Francis, be silent; and to come to me
I order you." It was silent all at once and, coming,
Into his hands entrusted itself. He was dumbfounded,
And left it go free again; however, from that moment on
The noise of its chattering never again did he hear.

Raymond, a writer living in the city of Cahors,a
One day, close to the cell that he lodged in, was keeping
An attentive eye on a bird, that they call the thistle-finch.
In the name of Francis he commanded her to wait for him
To come to her, promising to do his captive no mischief.
This said, the bird stayed nor at his approach did it withdraw,
But let herself be taken, just as though hearing the name
Of the holy man she were in safe hands and feared no captor.
And at long last, as agreed upon released, she went her way.
The man, with proof in the bird episode of Francis's great power
With the Lord, becoming a Lesser Brother, to his Order's
Laws that he had adopted held fast perseveringly.
43Thus it was that the holy man's remarkable mildness




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 105