Papal Documents - 562 

had oratories for private prayer; only a few churches were given to the brothers.a But as the number of clerics in the Order grew, it was only natural that the brothers would want to celebrate their own services, instead of having to go out for them. This bull granted them the privilege of celebrating the full choral Eucharist and Divine Office in all of their houses, effectively letting them carry on liturgical prayer independently of the local church in the manner of monastic communities.b It is a clear testimony to an increasing clerical orientation in the Order.

Honorius, Bishop, Servant of the servants of God, to our beloved sons, the brothers of the Order of Minors: greetings and apostolic benediction.

Fleeing the tumult of the crowds as something that impedes your proposed way of life, you eagerly seek separate places so that you can give yourself more freely to the sacred quiet of prayer. Because of this, we are most attentive to this opportune request of your many prayers. For your intercession before God will be all the more efficacious to the extent that, living perfectly, you become all the more worthy of graces from him.

We consider that what does not take away from anyone else’s rights should not be denied to you, while genuine religion entreats us to concede to you even those things which are a special favor. Furthermore, since you have professed and embraced holy poverty, you are not seeking any temporal favor from us, but a spiritual one for your devotion. Therefore, favorable to your petitions, by authority of these present letters, we concede to you this privilege: that in your places and oratories you may celebrate solemn Masses with a portable altar, as well as the other divine offices, without prejudice to the rights of parochial churches.c

No one, therefore, is in any way permitted to tamper with this decree of our concession and indult or rashly dare to oppose it. If anyone shall have presumed to attempt this, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of his holy Apostles Peter and Paul.




Quia populares, Bullarium Franciscanum, p. BFr 1, p. 20

Quia populares of Honorius III (1224)4

Honorius &c. Dilectis Filiis Fratribus Minorum Ordinis Salutem, & Apostolicam Benedictionem.

Quia populares tumultus, tanquam qui vestro adversantur proposito, fugientes, secretos recessus libenter appetitis; ut in sancta quiete liberius orationi vacare possitis: Nos attendentes orationum vestrarum suffragia plurimum opportuna; quoniam eo efficacior esse debet vestra intercessio apud Deum, quo perfecte viventes ejus digni estis gratio potiori.

Considerantes vobis negandum non esse, unde nemini derogatur; dum vera exposcit religio, ut quae sunt etiam de gratia speciali, vobis concedere debeamus; Devotioni vestrae, cum professi pauperatem sitis, pariter & amplexi non temporale commodum, sed spirituale quaerentes; auctoritate praesentium vestris inclinati precibus indulgemus, ut in locis, & Oratoriis vestris cum Viatico Altari possitis Missarum solemnia, & alia divina Officia celebrare, omni Parociali jure Parochialibus Ecclesiis reservato.

Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostrae Concessionis, & Indulti infringere, vel ei ausu temerario contraire, Si quis autem hoc attentare praesumpserit, indignationem Omnipotentis Dei, & Beatorum Apostolorum Petri, & Pauli se noverit incursurum.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 562