The Life of Saint Francis by Julian of Speyer - 380 

beginning of his talk with the proclamation of peace. Filled with the spirit of the prophets, he proclaimed peace and preached salvation, Is 52:7 as the prophet said. And it happened that by counsels about salvation, he brought to true peace many who had previously lived at odds with Christ and far from salvation.a

17As the truth of Blessed Francis’s simple teaching and life became known to many, some men soon began to be moved to penance by his example, and leaving all things, Lk 5:11 joined him in habit and life.b

Moreover, as the merits of the saint began to be rewarded with new
sons, he himself became even more filled with a new consolation of spirit, Acts 9:31 and began to keep watch over their salvation more diligently. Hence, soothing and fostering them with fatherly affection, he never ceased instructing them with new advice, teaching them to walk unswervingly in the way of holy poverty and true simplicity.

Now the father rejoiced in the joyful company of six brothers, he being the seventh; and in all things he behaved not as someone greater, but as the least among the lesser.c Since he was still altogether ignorant of how things would turn out for him and his brothers, he longed to know the future of the little flock. Lk 12:32

18So one day, when he had given himself over to prayer with greater devotion than usual, giving thanks Mt 15:36 for the rich favors bestowed on him by God, he recalled, in the bitterness of Is 38:15 his soul, the years he had wasted, and stood trembling Zec 4:14 before the Lord. His mind was flooded throughout with a wonderful sweetness and joy to the extent that he lost himself, until at last, the heavy darkness from his sins was utterly dispelled, and he was made certain that the debt for his offences had been forgotten down to the last penny. Mt 5:26

From then on, he was transported beyond himself and totally absorbed in the brightness of a wonderful light. His inmost soul was opened wide and he was granted certainty about the things which he had desired, and clearly foresaw the multiplication of his brothers coming from all nations. Acts 2:5 Contemplating not only this, but also many other things hidden in the future, and finally, coming back Lk 15:17 to himself, he related all of these things in order Est 15:9 to the brothers. Totally renewed in




Iuliani de Spira Officium Sancti Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p.

sic in omni praedicatione sua, pacem annuntians, populum in sermonis exordio salutabat. 4Subito ergo spiritu prophetarum perfusus, iuxta sermonem propheticum annuntiabat pacem, praedicabat salutem; 5factumque est ut salutaribus monitis foederaret plurimos verae paci, qui discordes a Christo prius exstiterant a salute longinqui.

17 1Innotescente igitur apud multos beati Francisci tam doctrinae simplicis veritate quam vitae, coeperunt post modicum viri quidam ipsius exemplo ad poenitentiam animari et eidem, relictis omnibus, habitu vitaque coniungi.

2Ut autem novis filiis sancti iam merita remunerari coeperunt, coepit et amplius ipse nova spiritus consolatione repleri, coepit et illorum diligentius invigilare saluti. 3Hinc paterno eos affectu demulcens et fovens, novis non destitit monitis informare, docens ipsos sanctae paupertatis et verae simplicitatis viam indeclinabiliter ambulare.

4Iam sex fratrum septimus ipse pater iucunda societate gaudebat, qui inter minores in omnibus non ut maior sed ut minimus se gerebat, cum adhuc sui suorumque processum prorsus ignorans, scire pusilli gregis exitum vehementer optabat.

18 1Cum ergo se quadam die devotius, uti consueverat, orationi dedisset, et super impensis sibi divinitus beneficiis gratias agens annosque male transactos in amaritudine animae suae recogitans, Domino tremebundus assisteret, coepit passim menti ipsius mira quaedam suavitas et laetitia superfundi, in tantum ut etiam a seipso deficeret; 2donec tandem de peccatis concreta caligo penitus fugaretur, sibique usque ad quadrantem novissimum remissionis debiti culparum certitudo daretur.

3Dehinc supra se raptus et in quadam mirandi luminis claritate totus absorptus est; ubi, dilatato mentis sinu, certificari de iis quae desideraverat meruit, et ex omni natione suorum moltiplicationem luculente prospexit. 4Non solum autem haec, sed et alia plura de futuris arcana contemplans, tandem ad se reversus cuncta per ordinem fratribus enarravit, 5spirituque nimirum totaliter innovatus,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 380