The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 242 

When the prayer was finished, Jdt 6:16 blessed Francis, in the power of the Spirit, approached the woman, who was twisting miserably and screaming horribly. "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ," Acts 16:18 he said, "I command you, Gn 39:12 demon, under obedience, to come out from her and not trouble her any more." He had scarcely uttered the words when the demonwent out. It did so with such swiftness and with such a furious roar, that on account of the sudden cure of the woman and the immediate obedience of the demon, the holy father thought he was deceived. So he left that place right away, ashamed. Divine Providence arranged it that way so he could not boast vainly.

That is why when blessed Francis passed through that same place on another occasion and brother Elias was with him, that woman, hearing of his arrival, got up immediately, Acts 9:34 ran down the street, and cried out after him, Mt 15:23 asking him to speak to her. But he refused to do so, knowing that she was the woman from whom he had once, by divine power, driven out a demon. She kissed his very footprints, giving thanks to God Est 13:13 Acts 28:15 and his holy servant Francis, who had freed her from the hand of death. Hos 13:14 At last, brother Elias forced him by his pleas; and blessed Francis spoke to her after being reassured by many about the affliction that was mentioned and her deliverance.

Chapter XXVI

70At Città di Castello also there was a woman who was possessed by a demon.a When the most blessed father Francis was in that city, the woman was led to the house where he was staying. But the woman stood outside Jn 20:11 and began to gnash her teeth and howl in a horrible voice with a twisted face, which is usual with unclean spirits.Many people from the city, both women and men, came to plead with Saint Francis on the woman's behalf. That evil spirit had troubled her for a long time by twisting her body and disturbed the people themselves with its howling. The holy father sent out to her the brother who was with him, since he wished to check whether it was a demon or the woman's deception. When that woman saw the brother, she began to mock him, since she knew that he was hardly the holy man, Francis. Meanwhile, Francis had




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 344-346

7Completa quoque oratione, beatus Franciscus in virtute Spiritus accessit ad mulierem, quae miserabiliter torquebatur et horrende clamabat, et ait: « In nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi, per obedientiam praecipio tibi, daemon, ut exeas ab ea, nec audeas ipsam amplius impedire ».8Vix verba compleverat, et tam velocissime cum furore atque stridore foras egressus est, quod, propter subitam sanitatem mulieris et tam citissimam obedientiam daemonis, sanctus pater sibi putaret fore illusum. 9Statimque cum rubore de loco illo recessit, divina providentia id gerente, ne posset in aliquo inaniter gloriari.

10Unde factum est, quod cum alia vice per eumdem locum transiret beatus Franciscus, frater Helias cum eo erat, et ecce mulier illa, ut cognovit adventum eius, continuo surrexit et accurrens per plateam, clamabat post eum ut sibi eloqui dignaretur.11Ipse vero nolebat ei loqui, sciens eam esse mulierem illam de qua expulerat quandoque virtute divina daemonium.12At ipsa osculabatur vestigia pedum eius gratias agens Deo et sancto Francisco servo eius , qui de manu mortis liberaverat eam.13Tandem frater Helias compulit sanctum prece; qui locutus est ei, certificatus per multos de infirmitate, ut dictum est, et liberatione sua.

Caput XXVI — Quomodo etiam apud Civitatem de Castello daemonium expulit.

701Apud Civitatem etiam de Castello mulier quaedam obsessa erat a daemonio.2In qua civitate cum esset beatis simus pater Franciscus, perducta est mulier ad domum, in qua ipse manebat .3Mulier autem illa foris stans a , coepit frendere dentibus et torvo vultu, miserabili voce barrire, sicut mos est spirituum immundorum. 4Multi enim de civitate illa utriusque sexus accedentes, rogaverunt sanctum Franciscum pro muliere; diu namque ille malignus et eam vexaverat torquendo et illos turbaverat barriendo.5Sanctus pater misit tunc ad eam fratrem qui erat secum, experiri volens, utrum foret daemonium an deceptio muliebris.6Quem videns mulier illa coepit deridere ipsum, sciens sanctum Franciscum minime fore.7Pater sanctus intus erat orans, finitaque oratione foras exivit;

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 242

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