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 The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 259 

twenty years after he embraced Christ completely
following the life and footsteps of the Apostles,
bringing to perfect completion what he had begun. 1 Pt 2:21
In that city,
with hymns and praises,
his holy and sacred body was laid to rest
and honorably enclosed.
There it glitters
with many miracles
to the glory of the Almighty.

89 From the first flower of his youth, he was given little or no instruction in the way of God or knowledge of Him. Bar 3:13 He remained for quite some time in natural simplicity and the heat of vices. By the change brought about in him by the power of the right hand of the Most High he was justified from sin. And by the grace and power of the Most High he was filled with divine wisdom beyond all others of his time. As the teachings of the gospel had declined seriously in practice—not just in some cases but in general everywhere—this man was sent from God so that everywhere, throughout the whole world, after the example of the Apostles, he might bear witness to the truth. And so it was, with the Christ leading, that his teaching showed clearly that all the wisdom of the world was foolish, and quickly, he turned all toward the true wisdom of God through the foolishness of his preaching. Dn 9:25

In these last times, 1 Pt 1:5
a new Evangelist,
like one of the rivers of Paradise, Gn 2:10
has poured out
the streams of the gospel
in a holy flood over the whole world. Is 44:3 a
He preached the way of the Son of God
and the teaching of truth in his deeds. Est 13:4
In him and through him




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 364-365

expletis viginti annis ex quo perfectissime adhaesit Christo,
Apostolorum vitam et vestigia sequens,
egressus de carnis ergastulo,
ad caelestium spirituum mansiones,
perfecte quae coepit consummans,
felicissime convolavit.
4Cum hymnis et laudibus
in ea civitate
sacrum et sanctum corpus ipsius collocatum est
et honorifice reconditum,
ubi ad gloriam Omnipotentis
multis coruscat miraculis.

89 1Hic vero cum in via Dei et ipsius cognitione a primaevo iuventutis flore parum vel nihil esset instructus, in naturali simplicitate ac vitiorum fervore tempore non pauco perdurans, mutatione dexterae Excelsi iustificatus a peccato, gratia et virtute Altissimi, super omnes tempore suo repertos divina sapientia est repletus.2Nam cum doctrina evangelica, etsi non particulariter sed generaliter ubique multum per opera defecisset, missus est hic a Deo, ut universaliter per totum mundum Apostolorum exemplo perhiberet testimonium veritati.3Sicque factum est ut doctrina sua omnem mundi sapientiam ostenderet evidentissime fore stultam, et brevi spatio temporis ad veram sapientiam Dei per stultitiam praedicationis inclinaverit, Christo duce.

4Quoniam in novissimo tempore
novus evangelista,
quasi unus ex paradisi fluminibus,
in toto terrarum orbe
fluenta Evangelii
pia irrigatione diffudit
et viam Filii Dei
atque doctrinam veritatis opere praedicavit.
5Facta est proinde in eo et per eum

orbis terrarum
insperata exsultatio et sancta novitas:
antiquae religionis germen
inveteratos diu et veteres multum subito innovavit.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 259

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