The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 260 

an unexpected joy and a holy newness
came into the world.
A shoot of the ancient religion
suddenly renewed the old and decrepit.
A new spirit was placed in the hearts of the elect
and a holy anointing has been poured out in their midst.
This holy servant of Christ,
like one of the lights of heaven, Gn 1:14
shone from above with a new rite and new signs.
The ancient miracles have been renewed through him.
In the desert of this world a
fruitful vine has been planted
in a new Order but in an ancient way,
bearing flowers, sweet
with the fragrance of holy virtues
and stretching out everywhere branches of holy religion.

90 Although like us, subject to suffering, he was not satisfied with observing the ordinary precepts. Jas 5:17 Rather, overflowing with burning charity, he set out on the way of full perfection, reached out for the peak of perfect holiness, and saw the goal of all perfection. Ps 119:96 [Vulgate, Ps 118:96] That is why every order, sex, and age finds in him a clear pattern of the teaching of salvation and an outstanding example of holy deeds. If people intend to put their hand to difficult things, and strive to seek the higher gifts of a more excellent way, let them look into the mirror of his life, and learn all perfection.a There are some who tend to lower, more level paths, fearing to walk the steep route and climb to the summit of the mountain: they too shall find in him suitable reminders. Finally, those who seek signs and miracles, let them ask his holiness, and they will receive what they request. Est 13:4

Yes, his glorious life reveals in even brighter light
the perfection of earlier saints;
the passion of Jesus Christ proves this,
and His cross shows it clearly.
For the venerable father was in fact marked in five parts of his body
with the marks of the passion and the cross,




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 365-366

orbis terrarum
insperata exsultatio et sancta novitas:
antiquae religionis germen
inveteratos diu et veteres multum subito innovavit.
6Datus est spiritus novus in cordibus electorum
et in medio eorum effusa est unctio salutaris,
cum velut unum de luminaribus caeli,
Christi servus et sanctus novo ritu,
novisque signis desuper radiavit.
7Renovata sunt per eum antiqua miracula,
dum in deserto mundi huius,
ordine novo sed antiquo more,
plantata est vitis fructifera,
proferens fiores suavitatis
in odorem virtutum sanctarum,
ubique sacrae religionis palmites extendendo.

90 1Nam, licet fuerit similis nobis passibilis, non fuit tamen contentus praecepta communia observare, sed ferventissima effluens charitate, totius perfectionis arripuit viam, perfectae sanctitatis apprehendit summam, et omnis consummationis vidit finem. 2Omnis proinde ordo, omnis sexus, omnis aetas habet in ipso doctrinae salutaris evidentia documenta, habet et sanctorum operum exempla praecipua.3Si qui ad fortia proponunt mittere manus et excellentioris viae charismata meliora aemulari nituntur, respiciant in speculo vitae suae, et omnem perfectionem addiscent .4Si qui vero ad humiliora et planiora se conferunt, timentes ambulare per ardua et montis ascendere verticem: in hoc gradu etiam apud eum invenient congrua monimenta.5Si qui denique signa et miracula quaerunt, ipsius interrogent sanctitatem, et quod postulant, consequentur.

6Et quidem gloriosa vita ipsius
priorum sanctorum perfectionem illustrat lumine clariore:
probat hoc passio Iesu Christi
et eius crux plenissime manifestat.
7Revera in quinque partibus corporis
passionis et crucis signaculo pater venerabilis est signatus

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 260