The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 263 

was similar. This man filled with the spirit of God Gn 41:38 then understood that he would have to enter into the kingdom of God through many trials, Acts 14:21 difficulties and struggles.

The brave soldier was not disturbed by oncoming battles, Eccl 8:8 nor was he downcast in his spirit as he was about to fight the wars of the Lord 1 Sm 25:28 in the camps of this world.

He was not afraid that he would yield to the enemy
since he had long struggled beyond human strength
not even to give in to himself.
He was so filled with fire that, even if in preceding ages
there had been someone with a purpose equal to his,
no one has been found whose desire was greater than his.
He found it easier to do what is perfect
than to talk about it;
so he was constantly active
in showing his zeal and dedication in deeds, not in words,
because words do not do what is good,
they only point to it.
Thus he remained undisturbed and happy,
singing songs of joy in his heart to himself and to God. Eph 5:19
For this reason he was found worthy of a greater revelation,
since he rejoiced over a small one;
faithful in a small thing, Lk 19:17
he was placed over greater ones. Mt 25:21

Chapter III

94 While he was staying in that hermitage called La Verna, after the place where it is located, two years prior to the time that he returned his soul to heaven, he saw in the vision of God a man, having six wings like a Seraph, standing over him, arms extended and feet joined, affixed to a cross. Two of his wings were raised up, two were stretched out over his head as if for flight, and two covered his whole body. Is 6:2 When the blessed servant of the most High saw these things, he was filled with the greatest awe, but could not decide what this vision meant for him. Moreover, he greatly rejoiced and was much delighted by the kind and




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 369-370

et idem vel simile scriptum invenit. 4Intellexit tunc vir spiritu Dei plenus, quod per multas tribulationes, per multas angustias et per multas pugnas oporteret eum intrare in regnum Dei.

5Sed non turbatur fortissimus miles propter ingruentia bella, nec animo decidit praeliaturus Domini praelia in castris huius saeculi.

6Non veritus est succumbere hosti,
qui non cedebat etiam sibi,
cum diu supra modum humanarum virium laborasset.
Revera ferventissimus erat,
et si retroactis saeculis
socium habuit proposito,
nemo tamen eo superior inventus est desiderio.
8Nam et levius perfecta operari
quam dicere cognoscebat:
semper non verbis, quae bonum non faciunt
sed ostendunt,
sed sanctis operibus efficax studium
et operam praebens.
Manebat proinde inconcussus et laetus,
et sibi ed Deo in corde suo laetitiae cantica decantabat.
10Propterea maiore revelatione dignus habitus est
qui sic de minima exsultavit,
et in modico fidelis
constituitur supra, multa.

Caput III
De visione hominis imaginem Seraphim crucifixi habentis.

94 1Faciente ipso moram in eremitorio, quod a loco in quo positum est Alverna nominatur, duobus annis antequam animam rederet caelo, vidit in visione Dei a virum unum, quasi Seraphim sex alas habentem, stantem supra se, manibus extensis ac pedibus coniunctis, cruci affixum. 2Duae alae supra caput elevabantur, duae ad volandum extendebantur, duae denique totum velabant corpus.3Cumque ista videret beatus servus Altissimi, admiratione permaxima replebatur, sed quid sibi vellet haec visio advertere nesciebat.4Gaudebat quoque plurimum et vehementius laetabatur in benigno et gratioso respectu, quo a Seraphim conspici se videbat,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 263