Sacred Exchange between St. Francis & Lady Poverty - 554 

67"Let the spirit that works within children of unbelief Eph 2:2 not find anything pleasing in you. Let it not find anything doubtful. Let it not find anything fainthearted so that it will not have in you reason for exercising its perversity against you. For that spirit is exceedingly proud and its pride and arrogance are more than its strength. Is 16:6 It will show great anger Rv 12:12 toward you, will turn the arms of its universal cunning on you, and attempt to pour out the venom of its wrath. It will be like the one who, in warring against the rest, has conquered and cast them down and is now sad to see you looking down on it.

68"At your conversion, dearly beloved, the citizens of heaven have been celebrating with great joy and have sung new songs Rv 5:9 before the eternal King. The angels rejoice in and about you for through you many will preserve virginity and will shine with chastity. The ruins of the heavenly city will be filled, where the virgins are more wonderfully gathered since those who neither marry nor are given in marriage will be like God's angels in heaven. Mt 22:30 The Apostles exult at seeing their life renewed, their teaching proclaimed, and their examples of outstanding holiness shown through you. The martyrs rejoice in expecting that their own constancy in pouring out their sacred blood will be repeated. The confessors dance with joy at knowing that their frequent victories over the enemy will be remembered in you. The virgins following the Lamb wherever he goes Rv 14:4 are jubilant at sensing that their number is growing each day through you. Finally, the entire heavenly court is filled with exultation and will celebrate the daily solemnities of new inhabitants and will be continually refreshed by the fragrance of the holy prayers rising up from this valley.

69 "Therefore, I beg you, brothers, through the mercy of God which has made you so poor, do that for which you have come, that for which you have risen up from the waters of Babylon. Rom 12:1 Humbly receive the grace offered you. Always use it worthily for the praise and glory and honor of Him Who died for you, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Who lives and reigns, conquers and rules with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God eternally glorious, forever and ever. Rv 4:9 Amen."




Sacrum commercium sancti Francisci cum domina Paupertate, Fontes Franciscani, p.

14"Nihil inveniat in vobis sibi gratum spiritus qui operatur in filiis diffidentie, nil inveniat dubium, nil inveniat diffidens, ne sue pravitatis contra vos exercende de vobis recipiat argumentum. 15Nam superbus est valde et superbia eius et arrogantia eius plus quam fortitudo eius. 16Magnam iram habet de vobis et universe calliditatis sue in vos arma convertet et malitie sue venenum nitetur effundere, utpote qui iam reliquos debellando devicit et deiecit, vos supra se respiciens dolet.

17In conversione vestra, carissimi, celi cives magna gaudia celebrarunt et coram eterno Rege nova cantica cantaverunt. 18Gaudent angeli in vobis et de vobis, quia dum per vos multi virginitatem servabunt et castitate fulgebunt, 19superne civitatis implebuntur ruine, ubi virgines sunt celebrius collocandi, quoniam qui non nubunt neque nubentur, erunt sicut angeli Dei in celo. 20Exsultant Apostoli videntes suam renovari vitam, predicari doctrinam, sanctitatis precipue per vos ostendi exempla. 21Letantur martyres exspectantes sacri sanguinis effusione eorum representari constantiam. 22Tripudiant confessores scientes eorum frequenter victoriam de inimico rememorari in vobis. 23Iubilant virgines sequentes Agnum quocumque ierit, cernentes suum numerum per vos augeri cotidie. 24Tota denique celestis curia exsultatione repletur, que novorum concivium cotidianas celebrabit solemnitates et ad odorem orationum sanctarum ascendentium de hac valle continue respergetur.

25Obsecro itaque vos, fratres, per misericordiam Dei, pro qua vos tam miserabiles estis effecti, facite ad quod venistis, ad quod ascendistis de fluminibus Babylonie. 26Suscipite humiliter gratiam vobis oblatam, digne utentes ea per omnia semper ad laudem et gloriam et honorem eius qui mortuus est pro vobis, Iesus Christus, Dominus noster, qui cum Patre et Spiritu Sancto vivit et regnat, vincit et imperat, Deus eternaliter gloriosus, per omnia secula seculorum. Amen."

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 554