The First Letter to the Custodians (1220) - 57 

of the Lord. 7When It is sacrificed on the altar Jn 6:54 by a priest and carried anywhere, let all peoples praise, glorify and honor on bended knee the Lord God living and true. 1 Thes 1:9 a 8May you announce and preach His praise to all nations in such a way that praise and thanks may always be given to the all-powerful God by all people throughout the world at every hour and whenever bells are rung.

9Let my brother custodians who have received this writing, who have made copies of it and kept it for themselves and for the brothers who have the responsibility of preaching and the care of the brothers, and who have made known and preached about everything contained in it, know that they have God’s blessing as well as my own. 10Let these be matters of true and holy obedience for them.





Epistola ad custodes I, Fontes Franciscani, p. 66

6Et in omni praedicatione, quam facitis, de poenitentia populum moneatis, et quod nemo potest salvari, nisi qui recipit sanctissimum corpus et sanguinem Domini, 7et, quando a sacerdote sacrificatur super altare et in aliqua parte portatur, omnes gentes flexis genibus reddant laudes, gloriam et honorem Domino Deo vivo et vero. 8Et de laude eius ita omnibus gentibus annuntietis et praedicetis, ut omni hora et quando pulsantur campanae semper ab universo populo omnipotenti Deo laudes et gratiae referantur per totam terram.

9Et, ad quoscumque fratres meos custodes pervenerit hoc scriptum et exemplaverint et apud se habuerint et pro fratribus, qui habent officium praedicationis et custodiam fratrum, fecerint exemplari et omnia, quae continentur in hoc scripto, praedicaverint usque in finem, sciant se habere benedictionem, Domini Dei et meam. 10Et ista sint eis per veram et sanctam obedientiam.


Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 57