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 Fragments - 92 

ashamed. 77He was poor and a stranger and lived on alms, Jn 11:27 Is 50:7 He, the Blessed Virgin, HIS HOLY MOTHER MARY, and His disciples. 78When people MAKE THEM ASHAMED and refuse to give them alms, let them thank God for this because they will receive great honor before the tribunal of our Lord Jesus Christ for such insults.

79Let them know that reproach is charged not to those who suffer it but to those who caused it 80BECAUSE alms are a legacy and a justice due to the poor that our Lord Jesus Christ acquired for us. 81The brothers who work to acquire them will receive a great reward and enable those who grant them to gain and acquire one, for all that people leave behind in the world will perish, but they will have a reward from the Lord for the charity and almsgiving they have done.

II. Fragments Inserted into
the Exposition of the Rule of the Friars Minor
by Hugh of Digne (1245–1255)a

1Wherefore the saint used to speak in this way in the Rule that had not yet received the papal seal: “Let the brothers and the brothers’ ministers be careful that they do not in any way enter into their affairs.” ER II 5

2Before the Rule received the papal seal the saint added: “And although they may be called hypocrites, they shall not cease doing good.” ER II 15

3Wherefore before it received the papal seal the Rule used to contain: “But at other times they may not be bound to fast according to this life except on Fridays.” ER III 12

4. . . as the saint at first said in the Rule: “Let the ministers remember— he said—that the care of the brothers’ souls has been entrusted to them; if anyone of them is lost because of their fault or bad example, it will be necessary for them to render an account for them before our Lord Jesus Christ.” ER IV 6

5The Saint used to speak thus in the original Rule: “All the brothers, the ministers as well as the others, should be careful that they do not become disturbed or angry because of the sin of another or because of his bad example since the devil wishes to corrupt many because of the sin of one; but spiritually, as they can, they should help the one who has sinned since it is not the healthy who need a physician but those who are sick."




Fragmenta alterius regulae non bullatae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 130-131

77Et fuit pauper et hospes et vixit de eleemosynis ipse et beata Virgo, mater eius sancta Maria, et discipuli eius. 78Et quando fecerint homines eis verecundiam et noluerint eis dare, referant inde gratias Domino, quia de verecundiis recipient magnum honorem ante tribunal Domini nostri Jesu Christi.

79Et sciant, quod verecundia non patientibus, sed inferentibus imputabitur; 80quod eleemosyna est hereditas et iustitia, quae debetur pauperibus, quam Dominus noster Jesus Christus acquisivit. 81Et fratres qui eam acquirendo laborant magnam mercedem habebunt et facient lucrari et acquirere tribuentes; quia omnia, quae homines relinquunt in mundo, peribunt, sed de caritate et eleemosynis, quas fecerint, habebunt vitam aeternam.

II - Fragmenta expositionis Regulae OFM fratris Hugonis de Dinia inserta

1[Unde sanctus de huiusmodi in regula nondum bullata dicebat]: Caveant sibi fratres et ministri fratrum quod de negotiis suis nullo modo se intromittant.

2[Antequam regula bullaretur sanctus addebat]: Et licet dicantur hypocritae non cessent benefacere.

3[Unde ante bullam regula sic habebat]: Aliis autem temporibus non teneantur secundum hanc vitam nisi sexta feria ieiunare.

4[... ut sanctus ita prius dixit]: Recordentur ministri inquit quod commissa est eis cura animarum fratrum de quibus si aliquis perderetur propter eorum culpam et malum exemplum oportebit eos reddere rationem coram Domino Iesu Christo.

5[Sic sanctus in regula originali dicebat]: Caveant omnes fratres tam ministri quam alii quod propter peccatum alterius vel malum exemplum non conturbentur vel irascantur, quia diabolus propter peccatum unius multos vult corrumpere. Sed spiritualiter sicut possunt adiuvent illum qui peccavit quia non est opus sanis medicus sed male habentibus.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 92

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