The Earlier Rule - 66 

to have any book. 10Let the lay brothers say the Creed and twenty-four Our Fathers with the Glory to the Father for Matins; for Lauds, let them say five; for Prime, the Creed and seven Our Fathers with the Glory to the Father; for each of the hours, Terce, Sext and None, seven; for Vespers, twelve; for Compline, the Creed and seven Our Fathers with the Glory to the Father; for the deceased, seven Our Fathers with the Eternal Rest; and for the failings and negligence of the brothers three Our Fathers each day.a

11Similarly, let all the brothers fast from the feast of All Saints until the Nativity, and from the Epiphany, when our Lord Jesus Christ began to fast, until Easter. 12However, at other times, according to this life, let them not be bound to fast except on Fridays. 13In accordance with the Gospel, it may be lawful for them to eat of all the food that is placed before them. Lk 10:8

[Chapter IV: The Ministers and the Other Brothers and How They Are Related]b

1In the name of the Lord!c

2Let all the brothers who have been designated the ministers and servants of the other brothers assign their brothers in the provinces and places where they may be, and let them frequently visit, admonish and encourage them spiritually. 3Let all my other brothers diligently obey them in those matters concerning the well-being of their soul and which are not contrary to our life.

4Let them behave among themselves according to what the Lord says: Do to others what you would have them do to you Mt 7:12; 5and “Do not do to another what you would not have done to you.”d

6Let the ministers and servants remember what the Lord says: I have not come to be served, but to serve Mt 20:28; and because the care of the brothers’ souls has been entrusted to them, if anythinge is lost on account of their fault or bad example, they will have to render an account before the Lord Jesus Christ on the day of judgment.




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 188-189

9Aliis vero nescientibus litteras librum habere non liceat. 10Laici dicant Credo in Deum et viginti quattuor Pater noster cum Gloria Patri pro matutino; pro laudibus vero quinque; pro prima Credo in Deum et septem Pater noster cura Gloria Patri; pro tertia, sexta et nona et unaquaque hora septem; pro vesperis duodecim; pro completorio Credo in Deum et septem Pater noster cum Gloria Patri; pro mortuis septem Pater noster cum Requiem aeternam; et pro defectu et negligentia fratrum tria Pater noster omni die.

11Et similiter omnes fratres ieiunent a festo Omnium Sanctorum usque ad Natale et ab Epiphania, quando Dominus noster Jesus Christus incepit ieiunare usque ad Pascha. 12Aliis autem temporibus non teneantur secundum hanc vitam nisi sexta feria ieiunare. 13Et liceat eis manducare de omnibus cibis, qui apponuntur eis, secundum evangelium.

[Caput IV - De ministris et aliis fratribus qualiter ordinentur]

1In nomine Domini!

2Omnes fratres, qui constituuntur ministri et servi aliorum fratrum, in provinciis et in locis, in quibus fuerint, collocent suos fratres, quos saepe visitent et spiritualiter moneant et confortent. 3Et omnes alii fratres mei benedicti diligenter obediant eis in his quae spectant ad salutem animae et non sunt contraria vitae nostrae.

4Et faciant inter se sicut dicit Dominus: Quaecumque vultis, ut faciant vobis homines, et vos facite illis; 5et: Quod non vis tibi fieri, non facias alteri.

6Et recordentur ministri et servi, quod dicit Dominus: Non veni ministrari, sed ministrare et quia commissa est eis cura animarum fratrum, de quibus, si aliquid perderetur propter eorum culpam et malum exemplum, in die iudicii oportebit eos reddere rationem coram, Domino Jesu Christo.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 66