The Earlier Rule - 67 

their fault or bad example, they will have to render an account before the Lord Jesus Christ on the day of judgment. Mt 12:36

[Chapter V: The Correction of the Brothers at Fault]

1Keep watch over your soul, therefore, and those of your brothers, because it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Heb 10:31 2If anyone of the ministers commands one of the brothers something contrary to our life or to his soul, he is not bound to obey him because obedience is not something in which a fault or sin is committed.

3On the other hand, let all the brothers who are under the ministers and servants consider the deeds of the ministers and servants reasonably and attentively. 4If they see any of them walking according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit Rom 8:4 in keeping with the integrity of our life, if he does not improve after a third admonition, let them inform the minister and servant of the whole fraternity at the Chapter of Pentecost regardless of what objection deters them.

5Moreover, if, anywhere among the brothers, there is a brother who wishes to live according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit, Rom 8:4 let the brothers with whom he is living admonish, instruct and correct him humbly and attentively. 6If, however, after the third admonition he refuses to improve, let them send or report him to their minister and servant as soon as they can; and let the minister and servant deal with him as he considers best before God. Mt 18:15 Mt 18:16 Mt 18:17

7Let all the brothers, both the ministers and servants as well as the others, be careful not to be disturbed or angered at another’s sin or evil because the devil wishes to destroy many because of another’s fault. 8But let them spiritually help the one who has sinned as best they can, because those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do. Mt 9:12 Mk 2:17

9Likewise, let all the brothers not have power or control in this instance, especially among themselves; 10for, as the Lord says in the Gospel: The rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and the great ones make their authority over them felt; Mt 20:25 it shall not be so among the brothers. 11Let whoever wishes to be the greater Mt 20:26 among them be their minister and servant. Mt 20:26 12Let whoever is the greater among them become the least. Mt 20:27

13Let no brother do or say anything evil to another; 14on the contrary, through the charity of the Spirit, Lk 22:26 let them serve and obey one another voluntarily.




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 189-190

6Et recordentur ministri et servi, quod dicit Dominus: Non veni ministrari, sed ministrare et quia commissa est eis cura animarum fratrum, de quibus, si aliquid perderetur propter eorum culpam et malum exemplum, in die iudicii oportebit eos reddere rationem coram, Domino Jesu Christo.

[Caput V - De correctione fratrum in offensione]

1Ideoque animas vestras et fratrum vestrorum custodite; quia horrendum est incidere in manus Dei viventis. 2Si quis autem ministrorum alicui fratrum aliquid contra vitam nostram praeciperet vel contra animam suam, non teneatur ei obedire; quia illa obedientia non est, in qua delictum vel peccatum committitur.

3Verumtamen omnes fratres qui sunt sub ministris et servis, facta ministrorum et servorum considerent rationabiliter et diligenter, 4et si viderint aliquem illorum carnaliter et non spiritualiter ambulare pro rectitudine vitae nostrae, post tertiam admonitionem, si non se emendaverit, in capitulo Pentecostes renuntient ministro et servo totius fraternitatis nulla contradictione impediente.

5Si vero inter fratres ubicumque fuerit aliquis frater volens carnaliter et non spiritualiter ambulare, fratres, cum quibus est, moneant eum, instruant et corripiant humiliter et diligenter. 6Quod si ille post tertiam admonitionem noluerit se emendare, quam citius possunt, mittant eum vel significent suo ministro et servo, qui minister et servus de eo faciat sicut sibi secundum Deum melius videbitur expedire.

7Et caveant omnes fratres, tam ministri et servi quam alii, quod propter peccatum alterius vel malum non turbentur vel irascantur, quia diabolus propter delictum unius multos vult corrumpere; 8sed spiritualiter, sicut melius possunt, adiuvent illum qui peccavit, quia non est sanis opus medicus, sed male habentibus.

9Similiter omnes fratres non habeant in hoc potestatem vel dominationem maxime inter se. 10Sicut enim dicit Dominus in evangelio: Principes gentium dominantur eorum, et qui maiores sunt potestatem exercent in eos, non sic erit inter fratres; 11et quicumque voluerit inter eos maior fieri sit eorum minister e et servus; 12et qui maior est inter eos fiat sicut minor.

13Nec aliquis frater malum faciat vel malum dicat alteri; 14immo magis per caritatem spiritus voluntarie serviant et obediant invicem.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 67