The Earlier Rule - 68 

other voluntarily. 15This is the true and holy obedience of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Pt 1:22 1 Pt 2:13 1 Pt 2:14 1 Pt 2:15

16As often as they have turned away from the commands of the Lord Ps 119:21 [Vulgate, Ps 118:21] and “wandered outside obedience,”a let all the brothers know, as the Prophet says, they are cursed outside obedience as long as they knowingly remain in such a sin. 17When they have persevered in the Lord’s commands—as they have promised by the Holy Gospel and their life, let them know they have remained in true obedience and are blessed by the Lord.

[Chapter VI: The Recourse of the Brothers to the Minister; Let No Brother Be Called “Prior”]

1If the brothers, wherever they may be, cannot observe this life, let them have recourse to their minister as soon as they can, making this known to him. 2Let the minister, on his part, endeavor to provide for them as he would wish to be provided for him were he in a similar position. Mt 7:12

3Let no one be called “prior,” but let everyone in general be called a lesser brother. Mt 20:27 Mt 23:8 Lk 22:26 b 4Let one wash the feet of the other. Jn 13:14

[Chapter VII: The Manner of Serving and Working]c

1None of the brothers may be treasurers or overseers in any of those places where they are staying to serve or work among others. They may not be in charge in the houses in which they serve nor accept any office which would generate scandal or be harmful to their souls Mk 8:36; 2Let them, instead, be the lesser ones and be subject to all in the same house. Lk 22:26 1 Pt 2:13

3Let the brothers who know how to work do so and exercise that trade they have learned, provided it is not contrary to the good of their souls and can be performed honestly. 4For the prophet says: You shall eat the fruit of your labors; you are blessed and it shall be well for you. Ps 128:2 [Vulgate, Ps 127:2]




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 190-191

15Et haec est vera et sancta obedientia Domini nostri Jesu Christi.

16Et omnes fratres, quoties declinaverint a mandatis Domini et extra obedientiam evagaverint, sicut dicit propheta, sciant se esse maledictos extra obedientiam quousque steterint in tali peccato scienter. 17Et quando perseveraverint in mandatis Domini, quae promiserunt per sanctum evangelium et vitam ipsorum, sciant se in vera obedientia stare, et benedicti sint a Domino.

[Caput VI - De recursu fratrum ad ministros et quod aliquis frater non vocetur prior]

1Fratres, in quibuscumque locis sunt, si non possunt vitam nostram observare, quam citius possunt, recurrant ad suum ministrum hoc sibi significantes. 2Minister vero taliter eis studeat providere, sicut ipse vellet sibi fieri, si in consimili casu esset.

3Et nullus vocetur prior, sed generaliter omnes vocentur fratres minores. 4Et alter alterius lavet pedes.

[Caput VII - De modo serviendi et laborandi]

1Omnes fratres, in quibuscumque locis steterint apud alios ad serviendum vel laborandum, non sint camerarii neque cancellarii neque praesint in domibus in quibus serviunt; nec recipiant aliquod officium, quod scandalum generet vel animae suae faciat detrimentum; 2sed sint minores et subditi omnibus, qui in eadem domo sunt.

3Et fratres, qui sciunt laborare, laborent et eandem artem exerceant, quam noverint, si non fuerit contra salutem animae et honeste poterit operari . 4Nam propheta ait: Labores fructuum tuorum manducabis; beatus es et bene tibi erit;

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 68