The Earlier Rule - 72 

punishments,” sicknesses, “and the spirit of sorrow,” as the Lord says: Those whom I love, I correct and chastise. Rv 3:19 a

4If anyone is disturbed or angry at either God or his brothers, or perhaps anxiously and forcefully seeks medicine with too much of a desire to free the flesh that is soon to die and is an enemy of the soul: this comes to him from the Evil One and is carnal. He does not seem to be one of the brothers because he loves his body more than his soul.

[Chapter XI: The Brothers Should Not Revile or Detract, But Should Love One Another]

1Let all the brothers be careful not to slander or engage in disputes; 2let them strive, instead, to keep silence whenever God gives them the grace. 2 Tm 2:14 3Let them not quarrel among themselves or with others but strive to respond humbly, saying: I am a useless servant. Lk 17:10 4Let them not become angry because whoever is angry with his brother is liable to judgment; whoever says to his brother “fool” shall be answerable to the Council; whoever says “fool” will be liable to fiery Gehenna. Mt 5:22

5Let them love one another, as the Lord says: This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you. Jn 15:12 6Let them express the love they have for one another by their deeds, Jas 2:18 as the Apostle says: Let us not love in word or speech, but in deed and truth. 1 Jn 3:18

7Let them revile no one. Ti 3:2 8Let them not grumble or detract from others, for it is written: Gossips and detractors are detestable to God. Rom 1:29 Rom 1:30 9Let them be modest by showing graciousness toward everyone. Ti 3:2 10Let them not judge or condemn. Mt 7:1 11As the Lord says, let them not consider the least sins of others; Mt 7:3 Lk 6:41 12instead, let them reflect more upon their own sins in the bitterness of their soul. Is 38:15 13Let them struggle to enter through the narrow gate, Lk 13:24 for the Lord says: The gate is narrow and the road that leads to life constricted; those who find it are few. Mt 7:14

[Chapter XII: Impure Glances and Frequent Association with Women]

1Wherever they may be or may go, let all the brothers avoid evil glances and association with women. 2No one may counsel them, travel alone with them or eat out of the same dish with them. 3When giving penance or some spiritual advice, let priests speak with them in a becoming way.




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 195-197

fiagellorum atque infirmitatum stimulis et compunctionis spiritu erudit, sicut Dominus dicit: Ego quos amo corrigo et castigo.

4Et si quis turbabitur vel irascetur sive contra Deum sive contra fratres, vel si forte sollicite postulaverit medicinas nimis desiderans liberare carnem cito morituram, quae est animae inimica, a malo sibi evenit et carnalis est, et non videtur esse de fratribus, quia plus diligit corpus quam animam.

[Caput XI - Quod fratres non blasphement nec detrahant, sed diligant se ad invicem]

1Et omnes fratres caveant sibi, ut non calumnientur neque contendant verbis, 2immo studeant retinere silentium, quandocumque eis Deus gratiam largietur. 3Neque litigent inter se neque cum aliis, sed procurent humiliter respondere dicentes: Inutilis servus sum. 4Et non irascantur, quia omnis qui irascitur fratri suo, reus erit iudicio; qui dixerit fratri suo raca, reus erit concilio; qui dixerit fatue, reus erit gehennae ignis.

5Et diligant se ad invicem sicut dicit Dominus: Hoc est praeceptum meum, ut diligatis invicem, sicut dilexi vos. 6Et ostendant ex operibus dilectionem, quam habent ad invicem, sicut dicit apostolus: Non diligamus verbo neque lingua, sed opere et veritate.

7Et neminem blasphement; 8non murmurent, non detrahant aliis, quia scriptum est: Susurrones et detractores Deo sunt odibiles. 9Et sint modesti omnem ostendentes mansuetudinem ad omnes homines; 10non iudicent, non condemnent. 11Et, sicut dicit Dominus, non considerent minima peccata aliorum, 12immo magis sua recogitent in amaritudine animae suae. 13Et contendant intrare per angustam portam, quia dicit Dominus: Angusta porta et arcta via est, quae ducit ad vitam; et pauci sunt, qui inveniunt eam.

[Caput XII - De malo visu et frequentia mulierum]

1Omnes fratres, ubicumque sunt vel vadunt, caveant sibi a ma- lo visu et frequentia mulierum. 2Et nullus cum eis consilietur aut per viam vadat solus aut ad mensam in una paropside comedat. 3Sacerdotes honeste loquantur cum eis dando poenitentiam vel aliud spirituale consilium.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 72