The Earlier Rule - 73 

a becoming way. 4Absolutely no woman may be received to obedience by any brother, but after spiritual advice has been given to her, let her do penance wherever she wants.

5Let us all keep close watch over ourselves and keep all our members clean, for the Lord says: Whoever looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart; Mt 5:28 6and the Apostle: Do you not know that your members are a temple of the Holy Spirit? 1 Cor 6:19 Therefore, whoever violates God’s temple, God will destroy. 1 Cor 3:17

[Chapter XIII: Avoiding Fornication]

1If, at the instigation of the devil, any brother commits fornication, let him be deprived of the habit he has lost by his wickedness, put it aside completely, and be altogether expelled from our Order.a 2Afterwards he may do penance.b 1 Cor 5:4 1 Cor 5:5

[Chapter XIV: How the Brothers Should Go Through the World]

1When the brothers go through the world, let them take nothing for the journey, neither knapsack, nor purse, nor bread, nor money, nor walking stick. Lk 9:3 Lk 10:4 2Whatever house they enter, let them first say: Peace to this house. 3They may eat and drink what is placed before them Mt 10:10 for as long as they stay in that house. Lk 10:5 4Let them not resist anyone evil, but whoever strikes them on one cheek, let them offer him the other as well. Lk 10:7 5Whoever takes their cloak, let them not withhold their tunic. Mt 5:39 Lk 6:29 Lk 6:29 6Let them give to all who ask of them and whoever takes what is theirs, let them not seek to take it back. Lk 6:30

[Chapter XV: The Brothers May Not Ride Horses]

1I command all my brothers, both cleric and lay, that when they go through the world or dwell in places they in no way keep any animal either with them, in the care of another, or in any other way. 2Let it not be lawful for them to ride horseback unless they are compelled by sickness or a great need.c




Regula non bullata, Fontes Franciscani, p. 197-198

4Et nulla penitus mulier ab aliquo fratre recipiatur ad obedientiam, sed dato sibi consilio spirituali, ubi voluerit agat poenitentiam.

5Et multum omnes nos custodiamus et omnia membra nostra munda teneamus, quia dicit Dominus: Qui viderit mulierem ad concupiscendam eam, iam moechatus est eam in corde suo. 6Et apostolus: An ignoratis, quia membra vestra templum sunt Spiritus Sancti?; itaque qui templum Dei violaverit, disperdet illum Deus.

[Caput XIII - De vitanda fornicatione]

1Si quis fratrum diabolo instigante fornicaretur, habitu exuatur, quem pro sua turpi iniquitate amisit, et ex toto deponat et a nostra religione penitus repellatur. 2Et postea poenitentiam faciat de peccatis.

[Caput XIV - Quomodo fratres debeant ire per mundum

1Quando fratres vadunt per mundum, nihil portent per viam neque sacculum neque peram neque panem neque pecuniam ne- que virgam. 2Et in quamcumque domum intraverint, dicant primum: Pax huic domui. 3Et in eadem domo manentes edant et bibant quae apud illos sunt. 4Non resistant malo, sed qui eos percusserit in una maxilla, praebeant et alteram. 5Et qui aufert eis vestimentum, et tunicam non prohibeant . 6Omni petenti se tribuant; et qui aufert quae sua sunt, ea non repetant.

[Caput XV - Quod fratres non equitent]

1Iniungo omnibus fratribus meis tam clericis quam laicis euntibus per mundum vel morantibus in locis, quod nullo modo apud se nec apud alium nec alio aliquo modo bestiam aliquam habeant. 2Nec eis liceat equitare, nisi infirmitate vel magna necessitate cogantur.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 73